Saturday, April 25, 2020

NYC’s York Theatre Company Sponsors SONGWRITERS IN MUFTI Songwriting Competition

In these tough times, musical theatre is more important than ever. Thus, The York Theatre proudly announces the Songwriters in Mufti program—an open-to-everyone songwriting competition!

Dear Songwriters:

Seth Christenfeld, York's Literary Manager here. I hope you aren't all going stir-crazy—I've been binging television (loved Schitt's Creek, less hot on The Plot Against America) and playing video games, mostly. I've been in awe at the writing that a lot of my more disciplined friends have gotten done during the quarantine, and so I and my colleagues at The York have decided to help some of that creativity along in the form of Songwriters in Mufti.

The York’s Musicals in Mufti series, begun in 1994, consists of lightly-staged concert presentations of musical gems from the past, put together in a pretty miraculous 5-day schedule.

The word "Mufti" is an East Indian word coopted by the British army to mean “out of uniform” or "in street clothes” and so, we now invite all interested writers to participate in Songwriters in Mufti ...since we’ve all been spending our days in pajamas anyway.

Here are the rules:

In the spirit of the abbreviated Mufti schedule, participants will have FIVE DAYS to write a song.

The theme will be announced at 10 AM Monday, when rehearsals would begin, and will be due no later than 8 PM Friday, when the curtain would go up for final dress rehearsal.

All finished entries will be featured on the York’s social media platforms. There might even be a PRIZE of some sort for stuff we particularly like. (What will that prize be? We...uh...haven't figured that out yet.)

The first week's theme will be announced at 10 AM (EST) on Monday, April 27th.

For more information or to sign up for a reminder email when the contest goes live, drop us a line at:

* The York makes no claim of ownership on any songs written for this competition and the songwriters retain all copyright.


MONDAY APRIL 27th at 10am