Saturday, April 18, 2020


When it comes to ingenuity and grit, There’s No People Like Show People... like no people you know. Look what our industrious and generous theater friends in New York and New Jersey are doing for our community!

Jeff Whiting Open Jar Studios 1

Jeff Whiting at Open Jar Studios, the rehearsal studios that hosts our Axelrod casts in NYC, has converted their studios into a hospital gown factory, manned by Broadway costumers.

Jeff Whiting Open Jar Studios 2

Mark Happel, of Scaramouche Costumes of Chester, NJ, has been making masks (instead of sequined dresses or period headpieces). The Axelrod has been collaborating with the multi-talented team at Scaramouche Costumes for the past four seasons.

Fashion professor Meghan Reeves, a wardrobe supervisor at the Axelrod, also has been making stylish masks and distributing them to family,

friends and colleagues. “That I have found a way to give back to my community during this time of need has given me a sense of peace and purpose, and I am glad I can donate an item that is so desperately need during these trying times!”

If you notice a shopper in Costco with a particularly stylish mask, it may be a Happel or Reeves original! Stay safe!


Word from the bird — Rydell High will reopen in the fall, and GREASE is planned to open October 31 at the Axelrod. We are looking forward to seeing all you greasers and dollies on opening weekend. Our box office will be in touch with all current ticket holders to arrange exchanges for the new dates. Slick back your hair and press your poodle skirt, and order your tickets today! Half-price preview ($32 for all seats) is Friday night, Oct. 30, at 7:30 pm.

GREASE will be directed and choreographed by Lisa Stevens, who led our fantastic production of Guys and Dolls last fall. The show will be music directed by Kevin Smith.


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