Friday, April 10, 2020

Can't Go Out? See "Pickets and Persistence: American Women's Fight for the Vote" right at home

Carol Simon Levin, in association with the National Women's History Alliance, will be hosting an informal Q&A virtual workshop on woman suffrage on Thursday, April 16th, at  7 p.m EDT/4 p.m PDT.

Prior to the meeting, participants can view her program Pickets & Persistence: War Service & Woman Suffrage in which Carol portrays Jeannette Rankin, America’s first female member of Congress, telling the intertwined stories of women’s suffrage activism, war service, and the political calculus that finally brought about the passage of the 19th Amendment.

Participants are also invited to freely download (click on the image) and peruse her book Remembering the Ladies: From Patriots in Petticoats to Presidential Candidates which profiles 69 women of all colors and creeds who worked to make a place for women in American politics. Links to this book and her other programs, her Garden State Legacy article about NJ's role in the fight for woman suffrage, and her radio interview on the historical curiosity of NJ's "petticoat electors" can be found at

Carol is an author, professional storyteller and independent historian of "fascinating women history forgot" who holds a B.A. focusing on women's history and history of technology from Cornell University and a Masters in Library Science from the University of Arizona. She is the founder of Telling Her Stories, a costumed history programs service.

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