Tuesday, January 7, 2020

“Die Fledermaus” discount tickets offer ends Jan 10th!

Join us for the next production of our 25th season!

WHEN: February 21 & 22, 2020 at 8PM
: St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 140 South Finley Avenue, Basking Ridge
TICKETS: $43/$48 for adults, and $20 for students college age and younger.
Discounts tickets are available now through Jan. 10 by using price code DFearly.
Purchase Tickets Online or call us to reserve your seat at 908-903-0700

Die Fledermaus was composed by Johann Strauss based on a book and lyrics by Carl Haffner and Richard Genee. Reegan McKenzie directs this production with musical direction by Jason Tramm.

Synopsis: As midnight approaches at Prince Orlofsky's lavish New Year's Eve party, Dr. Falke tells of how he once earned the nickname Dr. Fledermaus and became the laughingstock of all Vienna as the result of a practical joke played by his best friend Gabriel von Eisenstein.

Falke, out for revenge, arranges for Eisenstein's beautiful wife Rosalinda and their maid Adele to attend the party secretly and in disguise. After many mistaken identities, much festivity and general frivolity, this grand farce produces a happy conclusion for all.

Starring are: Mathew Tartza as Alfred, Chelsea Friedlander as Adele, Samantha Dango Blossey as Rosalinda, Jeremy Blossey as Eisenstein, Zachery Morehouse as Blind, Matt Ciuffitelli as Falke, Frank Skokan as Frank, Brittany Bellacosa as Orlofsky, Jessica Albano as Sally, and Hank Barre as Frosch.

Additional performers include: Mike Baruffi, John Burke, Laura DeFelice, Matt Delavan, Rider Foster, Teresa Giardini, Alexandra Gualario, Angela Hendryx, Changkuo Hsieh, Samantha Lax, Rick Morley, Sarah O’Sullivan, Samantha Pearl Tropper, Paige Porter, Alessia Santoro and Veronica Shea.