Monday, January 20, 2020

AUDITION NOTICE for “Twelfth Night” @ Chester Theatre Group


by William Shakespeare
Directed by Carol Holland

WHEN: Jan 26, 3 PM - Jan 28, 7 PM
: Chester Theatre Group, 54 Grove Street, at the corner of Maple Ave., in Chester

Twelfth Night is one of the finest romantic comedies by William Shakespeare. The play centers around twins Viola and Sebastian, who have been separated by a shipwreck and believe the other to have perished. Viola (disguised as Cesario, a young man), falls for the Duke Orsino, who in turn is in love with the Countess Olivia. Olivia then falls for the disguised Viola, thinking she is a man. Hilarity ensues!

Sides found on Chester Theatre's Website:

CTG practices an “open casting policy,” which means that all roles are always open, all are invited to audition, and newcomers are always welcome.

Cast of Characters:

  • Count Orsino: M, 20s-40s. Intense, intelligent, quick to anger and to love. Vibrant and enjoys life
  • Sebastian: M, 20s-40s. Emotional, constant, true friend
  • Antonio: M, 20s-60s. True friend, cares deeply for Sebastian
  • Sea Captain: M, 20s-70s
  • Valentine, Curio: M (or F), 20s-50s. Attendants to Orsino ABILITY TO PLAY A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT A PLUS (guitar, lute, drum - anything that can be carried)
  • Sir Toby Belch: M, 40s-70s. Enjoys his drink a great deal. Sponges off others, drives much of the boisterous humor in the play. MUST BE WILLING TO SING, even if badly
  • Sir Andrew Aguecheek: M, 40s-70s. A dullard, taken advantage of by Sir Toby Belch. Provides much of the humor by his stupidity. MUST BE WILLING TO SING, even if badly
  • Malvolio: M, 40s-70s. Stuffed shirt, considers himself above others
  • Fabian: M, 20s-40s. Servant to Olivia, smart, enjoys playing tricks with Sir Toby Belch
  • Feste (The fool): M or F, 30s-50s. The “glue” that holds the play together. Is aware of all things going on. MUST BE ABLE TO SING A CAPELLA, playing of an instrument a plus. Be prepared to sing something at audition. Selection of songs in the play are included below
  • Olivia: F, 20s-40s. Countess, pursued by Orsino, falls for Viola disguised as a young man. Dramatic, flighty in her emotions
  • Viola: F, 20s-40s. In love with Orsino, most of play disguised as a young man. Sister to Sebastian
  • Maria: F, 40s-60s. Olivia’s Gentlewoman, smart, helps Sir Toby play a trick on Malvolio
  • Priest: M, any age
    Soldiers (2): M or F, any age
  • Musicians - able to play an instrument onstage (guitar, recorder, flute, drum) Will play in two scenes

Song Break Downs: HERE