Monday, June 17, 2019

La Vie Galerie LLC presents “For The Children” Exhibit, “Beyond the Swirl” Book Signing

WHEN: June 23, 2019 through July 12. 2019 with the Book Signing, Opening Reception, and children’s program on June 23. 2019 from 12 – 4 pm
La Vie Galerie LLC, 106 Naylon Ave. in Livingston
(917) 621-7255

La Vie Galerie LLC presents a new exhibit geared specifically for children—For the Children—featuring art and photography by 14 talented artists selected specifically for their children’s related art.

La Vie Galerie LLC is a multi-room gallery which exhibits emerging, mid-career, and established artists creating contemporary paintings, fine art photography, sculptures, ceramics, and jewelry. The mission of the La Vie Galerie LLC is two-fold: to provide its artists greater exposure to a new market and to present special exhibits pertaining to social issues to educate the viewer through visual arts.

Excitement will electrify the air on June 23rd at the book launch and signing of Beyond the Swirl by Lester Blum, illustrated by renowned International artist, Chi Fung Wong. The book which is an exhilarating adventure for all ages was written for ages 6-12. Join Alex and his sister, Cathy as they embark upon a flight of fantasy filled with mystery, drama and suspense. Travel with them through three diverse time periods in the amazing pre-historic world where gigantic creatures—the Dinosaurs—ruled. 

The book, with factual information, will stimulate the imagination of children as well as adults. The reader will be enchanted, amazed and touched by their many escapades as they traverse this land of predators and prey in their struggle to survive as they make their way back home.

Fantasy or reality—it is up to the reader to decide. 

Children are welcome and encouraged to attend.