Tuesday, March 12, 2019


scienceSeeds is unique in its belief that failure is an important part of learning. When experiments or projects fail the first time we encourage our students to try again and persevere. We want to make sure that the kids understand that success often comes after a lot of failure.

We don't have a canned program, so we move with the students based on their interests and they are always encouraged to experiment.

We have all the technology (including a cool laser cutter) for kids to create their own toys and we mix many technologies to try and expose the children to as many disciplines and points of view as possible.

This Spring Break we are running Toy Design & STEM camps for kids aged 6-8 and 9-14. Toys can involve some very complicated engineering, but our week-long camp will demystify the toy making process for your curious scientist and educate them on different creative processes.

We are also running a camp called Mission to Mars for kids aged 6-12. In this week-long camp we will learn about Mars and its environment. We'll design a landing system and rover for exploring Mars's surface, discuss habitats that we could survive in, and compare Earth and Mars's temperature. We'll construct a model of the Solar System and compare planetary sizes, use play dough to create models of lava flows to analyze the layers that form a planet and much more.


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