Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Phoenix Productions announces open auditions for May production of “Young Frankenstein”

Director Joseph Stefanelli and Musical Director Kara Leigh invite you to Young Frankenstein auditions.

WHEN: Saturday, March 9th, from 12pm-3pm and Monday & Wednesday, March 11th & 13th, from 7:30pm-9:30pm with callbacks by invitation on March 16th. 
WHERE: All auditions and rehearsals are at the Phoenix Performing Arts Center at 59 Chestnut Street, Red Bank.

Rehearsals will be held on weekends and evenings.  Performances will be held at the Count Basie Center for Arts between May 3rd and May 12th.

  • The production team requests each auditionee prepare 32 bars of a Broadway-style song, preferably that shows your comedic timing and vocal range.
  • Please bring sheet music in the appropriate key and be prepared to dance. 
  • An accompanist will be provided.



Frederick Frankenstein: extraordinarily bright brain surgeon, embarrassed by his family name, for his grandfather was Victor Frankenstein, the main character of Shelley’s novel.  Claiming his name is “Fronkensteen,” he is constantly trying to disconnect himself from the family legend; the more he tries, the more he fails. Tapping experience preferred. Gender: Male Age:23 - 38 Vocal Range: Bb2 - G4

The Monster: The misunderstood creation of Dr. Frankenstein.  While horrifying, he needs to have a tenderness about him. Facial expressions should be able to go from scary to baby-face quickly! Gender: Male Vocal range: Db2 - Bb4

Igor: (pronounced “eye-gor”) Frederick’s faithful, bright-eyed, eager servant and friend with a hunchback. Gender: Male Age: 20 to 40 Vocal Range: Bb2 - G4

Inga: Frederick’s young, very attractive assistant, who is always eager for a “roll in the hay,” and speaks with a “Transylvanian” accent. Gender: Female Age: 18 to 30 Vocal range: G3 - A5

Elizabeth Benning: Frederick's boisterous fiancé, who keeps him at an arm’s length and often requests that he “please don’t touch” her.  Eventually finds “Deep Love” with a Monster. Gender: Female Age: 25 to 35 Vocal range: F#3- F5

Frau Blücher: Stern housekeeper of the Frankenstein estate and former lover of Victor Frankenstein. Gender: Female Age: 40 to 60 Vocal range: E3 - C5

Inspector Hans Kemp: The head of police in Transylvania. Driven by justice, with a wooden arm and leg. Gender: Male Age: 40 to 50 Vocal range: A2 - F4

The Hermit: A lonely, blind town hermit, hoping for a friend. Gender: Male Age: 30 to 60 Vocal range: Ab2 - F4

Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein: The infamous Dr. Frankenstein and Frederick’s grandfather. Comes to visit Frederick as a ghost to convince him to continue the family business. Gender: Male Age: 45 to 65 Vocal range: C#2 - F4

Ziggy: The village idiot. Gender: Male Age: 18 to 30 Vocal range: D3 - Eb4

Ensemble: Gravediggers, Villagers, Medical Students, Passengers, Mad Scientists Gender: Any

Email with questions.