Tuesday, January 1, 2019

OPEN AUDITIONS: “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” @ Somerset Valley Players



Open Auditions for Stephen Sondheim's hilarious musical comedy mash up of ancient Rome and vaudeville schtick.

WHEN: Sunday, January 6, 2 pm, and Monday, January 7, 7 pm.
Somerset Valley Players, 689 Amwell Rd, Hillsborough Township

SHOW DATES:  April 26-May 12

Director Eric Walby is looking for: 7-10 MALES (ages 20-50+), 8-10 FEMALES (ages 18-50+)


  • Please wear comfortable dancing shoes. 
  • Be prepared to sing 16 bars of a lively upbeat tune. 
  • Readings will be from the script. BRING THE FUNNY!!!!

Rehearsals will start in mid-February for 2 nights a week for dance and music.  In late March, rehearsals will be 4 nights a week.


  • Pseudolus    30s –40s (Baritone)    The ringmaster.  Must have incredible comic chops.  Like Michael Jordan, have the ability to raise the performances of those around him.  The bucket list role for character actors. A Roman slave, owned by Hero, who seeks to win freedom by helping Hero win the heart of Philia. The name Pseudolus means "Faker."    M
  • Hero    Late teens / early 20s (Tenor)    Either gorgeous or nerdy, show us which is best! Strong comic chops. Young son of Senex who falls in love with the virgin, Philia.    M
  • Philia    Play late teens / early 20s (Soprano)    (Greek for "love") Beautiful.  Blonde (or willing to be). Adorable.  Incredibly naive. Or is she? Strong comic chops.  A virgin in the house of Marcus Lycus, and Hero's love interest. Her name is also a homophone of the Latin word "Filia," which means daughter. This foreshadows her status as the daughter of Erronius.    F
  • Hysterium    30s/40s (Baritone)    (Latin for "Hysterical" or "Anxious," the suffix "-um" makes the name neuter, and the character's gender is often mistaken throughout the piece) Physical comedian needed.  Pratfalls, cross dressing and near-death experience. The chief slave in the house of Senex and Pseudolus’ main foil.    M
  • Senex    40s – 50s (Baritone)  (Latin for "old man") A henpecked, sardonic Roman senator living in a less fashionable suburb of Rome.  Older strong comedian needed. Dirty old man, married to the shrewdest of the shrews    M
  • Domina    40s – 50s (Belt Alto)    (Latin for "mistress") Wife of Senex.  Great role for mature comedienne. Loud, obnoxious, completely unaware of the effect she has on others.  Terrifyingly hilarious.    F
  • Marcus Lycus    40s - 60s (Baritone - limited singing)    Shake his hand and count your fingers!  The oiliest, most unctuous pimp in the Roman Empire.  Strong comic chops, purveyor of courtesans, who operates from the house to the left of Senex. (Name based on Lycus, the prostitute in Plautus's Poenulus.)    M
  • Miles Gloriosus  30’s Heroic Baritone / Tenor (Latin for "boastful soldier," the archetype of the braggart soldier in Roman comedies) A captain in the Roman army to whom Marcus Lycus has promised Philia.  The most egotistical self-centered roman of them all. Classic straight man. Great comic timing and strong voice.    M
  • Erronius    60+  Limited singing    (Latin for "wandering") Senex's elderly neighbor in the house to the right. He has spent the past twenty years searching for his two children, kidnapped in infancy by pirates. Befuddled, did we mention befuddled?      M
  • Gymnasia    20s - 30s (Greek for "Athletic", with the connotation of nakedness) A courtesan from the house of Lycus with whom Pseudolus falls in love.  Tall buxom either gorgeous and/or BBW. The only courtesan who speaks.    F
  • Tintinabula    20s - 30s  (Latin for "Bells") A jingling, bell-wearing courtesan in the house of Lycus.  Dance role.    F
  • Vibrata    20s - 30s    (Latin for "Vibrant") A wild, vibrant courtesan in the house of Lycus.  Dance role.    F
  • Geminae     20s - 30s    (Latin for "Twins") Twin courtesans in the house of Lycus. Need two actors.  Dance roles.     F
  • Panacea    20s - 30s    (Greek for "Cure All") A courtesan in the house of Lycus.  Dance role    F
  • Proteans    All ages    3 talented comedians ho play all ancillary characters (slaves, citizens, soldiers, and eunuchs). Constantly running and switching roles, great fun!    M/F