Monday, January 7, 2019

BONJ’s January 13th Concert features rare pieces and world renowned performers

Pastoral Dreams

WHEN: 3 p.m. Sunday, January 13
Grace Church, 4 Madison Avenue, Madison, New Jersey
TICKETS: $40, adults; $30, senior; and $5 students, under 22 with ID. Tickets can be obtained by visiting the Orchestra’s web site, by calling the office, 973-366-8922, or at the door, the day of the performance.

Brett DeubnerThe concert will feature the premiere of a Viola Concerto composed by Robert Butts, Music Director for the BONJ with Brett Deubner (right) as soloist. Dr. Butts has created popular works for orchestra, voice and chamber ensembles. Dr. Butts states “It is a major concerto and one of the most major works I’ve yet tackled outside the opera world.”

Mr. Deubner ranks as one of this generation’s most accomplished violists. He has performed on 4 continents and to date, over 80 works for viola including 30 viola concerti and numerous solo and chamber works for viola have been dedicated to and premiered by Mr. Deubner.  Mr. Deubner is an internationally known recording artist with 15 CDs to his credit.

“I can't begin to express how honored I feel to have a concerto of mine premiered by Brett Deubner," Maestro Butts commented.  "His artistry served as inspiration.  I hope everybody enjoys the experience."

The other major work on the program is Beethoven's Symphony #6 - The Pastoral.

"Beethoven's 6th symphony is one of the orchestra's most magical masterpieces," Maestro Butts stated. "It is so evocative and so perfectly blends some musical depictions of nature with our feelings as human beings exploring and enjoying the world. There are the sounds of the gently rushing brook as well as the bird calls and, of course, the intense storm.  At the same time, there are representations of Beethoven's—and through his music, our—feelings while experiencing walking in a park or by the water or seeing the blue skies and rainbows following the storm. As Beethoven himself stated, it is not so much about depicting nature itself but our relationship and feelings as part of the world."

The third work performed will be the Overture to La Clemenza di Tito, Mozart’s last operatic work.