Sunday, September 30, 2018


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“I had dinner with some friends last night and we couldn't stop talking about all the craziness going on re: Kavanaugh and the circus surrounding it.

“And since posts on social media tell me we are not alone, I thought a free expressive writing session might just be in order.

“So join me on Monday at 4:30pm ET for a hour of getting some of this stuff in your head out on the page. No charge.

“You won't be asked to share your work, and we won't be processing the specifics of what we've written with each other. You'll simply have dedicated space, thoughtful prompts, encouragement from me, and the magic energy of a group of other people joined together to process the shit out of their stuff.

THE SESSION IS FREE, but registration is required. There won't be a sales pitch, and there won't be any sign-up-for-my-email-list pressure.

“Go here to register and get the scoops on how to join in.

And please, share with anyone you think would appreciate or benefit. xo