Friday, May 4, 2018

OPEN AUDITIONS: “Cheaper By The Dozen” at Somerset Valley Players



Director: Christopher Russoniello
Producer: Karen Abbatiello
Sponsor: Super Sundaes, Hillsborough

WHEN: Saturday, May 12, at 2PM & Tuesday, May 15, at 7PM
Somerset Valley Playhouse, 689 Amwell Road (Route 514), Hillsborough

#MALES NEEDED: 2 adults, 3 teens
#FEMALES NEEDED: 3 adults, 3 teens
See character breakdown below for more details.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR AUDITIONERS: Readings will be done from the script and provided at the audition. A list of acting credits or resume is appreciated.


  • Frank Bunker Gilbreth: Late 40s-mid 50s. Father- A time and motion study engineer. Carries himself with the self-assurance of a successful man who is proud of his wife and family as well as his business accomplishments. Though a disciplinarian, he loves nothing so much as a good joke, preferably one on himself.
  • Lillian Moller Gilbreth: Early 40-50s. Mother-A gracious, attractive women. She is also a psychologist. In her own way she is often able to get better results with her large family more so than her disciplinarian husband.
  • Anne Gilbreth: 17. The oldest Gilbreth child. Attractive, sweet natured, yet stubborn. Dedicated to loosening up her father’s rules (not just for herself, but for her younger siblings)
  • Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr.: 16 . A Gilbreth child and the Co-Narrator.
  • Ernestine Gilbreth: 15. A Gilbreth child,Co-Narrator and Anne’s co-conspirator
  • Martha Gilbreth: 14. A Gilbreth child and another of Anne’s co-conspirators
  • Bill: 10-12. A younger Gilbreth child
  • Lillian: 9-11. A younger Gilbreth child
  • Fred: 8-10. A younger Gilbreth child
  • Dan: 7-9. A younger Gilbreth child
  • Jackie: 5-7. A younger Gilbreth child
  • Mrs. Fitzgerald: 50 – 70. The housekeeper—a kind woman who is completely devoted to the family. Sometimes her patience is tried by the ongoing chaos of the large family
  • Dr. Burton: 40s-50s. Family Doctor
  • Joe Scales: 17. A small cheerleader. Very cocky and interested in dating Anne.
  • Miss Brill: 20+. A teacher who has no love for the children.
  • Larry: 17. A nice looking, clean-cut boy interested in Anne

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