Friday, May 4, 2018


Cinco De Mayo White Eagle Hall Anniversary Party!:
Rye Coalition, Will Wood and the Tapeworms, The Rock N' Roll Hi-Fives, and Long Neck

WHEN: Saturday, May 5, Doors 6:30pm / Show 7:30pm
White Eagle Hall, 337 Newark Avenue, Jersey City
White Eagle Hall is conveniently located within walking distance between Grove Street & Journal Square PATH Stations, about 30 minutes from Manhattan. For more details on visiting White Eagle Hall, check here.

For additional information and up-to-the-minute updates, call 201-885-5166

Jersey City hard-rock band Rye Coalition has recorded four full-length albums, most on the Tiger Style or Gern Blandsten Records labels. Their most recent album, the critical and commercial success Curses, was produced by Dave Grohl. Currently, Rye Coalition are still based in New Jersey, and have completed several tours of both the United States and Europe. They are presumably preparing material for their next album. A full-length documentary is also in the works about the band. Morey, Gonnelli and Wiley currently play in The Black Hollies on Ernest Jenning Records.

Will Wood and the Tapeworms are the genre-bending "rock n' roll perversion of cabaret" (Fangoria) alternative act known as "the epitome of a performance" (The Aquarian) lead by singer-songwriter Will Wood. They have recently released their third full-length album, The Real, a live record featuring new and old tunes in an entirely new way. Their sold out recording sessions / concerts had critics saying they "will forever go down in history," (Dying Scene) and were "powerful well beyond anything else I had seen or experienced on a stage." (NJRacket)

If you want to find the hardest rocking family band in the truest sense of the word, look no further than New Jersey's Rock N' Roll Hi-Fives. Comprised of parents Joe (guitar) and Gloree (bass) and their progeny Eilee (vocals), and Evren (drums). the Rock N' Roll Hi-Fives are more than gimmick. They're a great band with great songs.

"I don't want to spend the whole time talking about how great New Jersey is," Lily Mastrodimos jokes while talking about her band's forthcoming new album. But her home state comes up a lot in conversation, because Jersey is intrinsically tied to the music that Mastrodimos makes as Long Neck, and her songwriting has a definitive sense of place. Started as an outlet when she wasn't working with her old band, Band To Watch alums Jawbreaker Reunion, Mastrodimos recorded the first proper Long Neck release, 2015's Heights, split primarily between two locations: her upstate New York college's dorm room and her parent's house in Jersey City. A lot of her songs deal with wanting to be somewhere else, or wanting to be home, or wanting to find a place within herself that feels like home. Long Neck's newest album, Will This Do?, is peppered with nods to the state and her personal and familial connection to it.