Thursday, May 17, 2018

JCTC Resistance Series Continues with “A Woman’s Movement”

JCTC Dance: A Woman's Movement by Freespace Dance

WHEN: May 28-29; Doors: 7:30 PM / Show: 8:00 PM
Merseles Studios, 339 Newark Ave, Jersey City

A Woman's Movement is choreographed by Donna Scro Samori, Artistic Director of Freespace Dance. She has collaborated with a film maker, 2 composers, a singer/song writer, a visual artist, and 6 dancers to create a full evening work around the idea of a woman's movement. This work celebrates women, femininity, and the strength and connection of women. All of the dancers except for one where over the age of 40, reflecting Donna's interest in mature dancers and the combating the stereotypes around that issue. "A Woman's Movement" is a piece was conceived in the Spring of 2017, after the Woman's March, Women's International Day, and prior to the MeToo Movement. It is an artistic expression of the importance of women's voices during this particular time in history.

Freespace Dance is a contemporary modern dance company renowned for creating emotionally driven work with a bold, athletic signature style. Scro-Samori has collaborated with singer song writer, Katherine Oakes, photographer Grace Brown, composer Amanda Harberg, composer Sharon Freedman, film maker Kayla Affrunti, and visual artist Jessica Sporn to create a performance that explores the many facets of feminism, empowerment and sisterhood. A Woman's Movement dancers include: Stephanie Beauchamp, Stephanie Nerback, Hannah Castoro, Leslie Smolen Wuebben, and Melissa Wolfe Rosebro. In addition, there will be a pre-performance reception at 7:00, which features the work of visual artist Donna Conklin King, as well as the Resistance Art Show in the art gallery at Merseles Studios.