Wednesday, June 28, 2017



  • MYRON WALDEN - Tenor Sax
  • Akiko Tsuruga – Organ
  • Bob DeVos – Guitar
  • Chris Smith - Drums

"Listening to saxophonist Myron Walden is like watching Daedalus fly too close to the sun-it's exhilarating to see him glide past chord changes and conventional jazz structures, but there's the constant fear that if he goes any higher, his wings will melt. Somehow, that never happens." ~ Aidan Levy, Jazz Times

"Nat Hentoff, writing for the Wall Street Journal, said "Myron simultaneously the most insistently personal and instantly accessible musician of his generation." The Wall Street Journal also commented on Walden's distinctive brand of commitment "Mr. Walden is one of our more primal and emotional players-on any instrument. He brings the raw intensity of a Mississippi bluesman to modern jazz." 


"Kristina Koller is a very original contemporary jazz vocalist, one that anyone interested in jazz, or for that matter progressive music, needs to hear..." Kristina Koller

Mike Bond is known for his smooth virtuosity, which spans the breadth of jazz, blues, latin, swing, bossa nova and contemporary classics. 

"Our" Michael has a growing audience in the NYC music scene and around the world. He has shared the stage with a host of luminaries including Captain Black Big Band, Conrad Herwig, & Curtis Lundy. He has also performed at the Central Jersey Jazz Festival, the Canadian Music Festival and the NYC Winter Jazz Festival. He is a featured artist on guitarist Jean Chaumont's upcoming debut album "The Beauty Of Differences" featuring artists Ike Sturm, Sam Sadigursky, and Rudy Royston. It will be released in November, 2017.