Thursday, May 4, 2017


Tulip 2Watercolor Paintings by Adrienne Joy Markowitz

WHEN: during library hours from May 1 through May 30
Montclair Public Library Gallery, 50 South Fullerton Avenue, Montclair

The Montclair Public Library Gallery welcomes an exciting encore exhibit by local multi-media artist Adrienne Joy Markowitz. 

Markowitz’s roots in Montclair’s arts community and cultural scene date back to her role as co-founder of Doubletree Gallery, the storied cooperative gallery of fine art and contemporary crafts that served as an incubator and salon for artists and patrons in Montclair for over a decade. She is quick to praise the gallery space at the Montclair Public Library for its elongated configuration, allowing viewers to submerge themselves in contemplation of each work as they view the exhibition as individual statements in the context of the collection as a whole.

contour flowersYou’ll share Markowitz’s delight in watercolor as a medium, singular in its ability to ensnare the intricacies of an instant—the unique fluidity that captures light and motion, conveying the ethereal nature of a thought, a moment, an emotion.

You are invited to share a glimpse into the world as seen through the artist’s eye and processed through the life experiences that have informed her art.  As explained by the artist, “Expressing oneself through art is not simply a personal endeavor. We make our art from the compulsion to create, but our individual and singular point of reference is reflected and expanded through the prism of communal contemplation.”  

The Library welcomes inquiries from local artists and arts organizations regarding use of the exhibit