Wednesday, September 9, 2015



Michael McDermott

WHEN: Saturday, September 19th, at 8 p.m. 
The Loft at Union County Performing Arts Center, 1601 Irving Street, Rahway
TICKETS: $22 and can be purchased at

The concert opens the 2015/2016 season for the on-going Split Level Concert Series which highlights critically acclaimed singer-songwriters in a uniquely intimate setting. 

Michael McDermott’s brand of rock ‘n’ roll brims with the kind of well-honed style and wisdom that can only come from a career on the road and a pedigree in the studio. Effortlessly blending natural folk sensibility, pop hooks, and honest rock, McDermott’s music is as much for the outcast as the congregation. It’s an exploration of the dark corners of life’s journey and it resonates middle class truths through the passionate filter of a kid that grew up on Chicago’s Irish South Side.

If you are a fan of Springsteen, Van Morrison, John Steinbeck, Patti Smith … McDermott’s inspirational rock is in your wheelhouse – music made late at night with a guitar, spare smokes and stories of the American heart.

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For a full listing of shows, visit the Split Level Concerts website at and the Union County Performing Arts Center website at