Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Rita ~ "Israel’s #1 Singer" 

WHEN: Saturday, October 25, 8 PM
WHERE: Axelrod Performing Arts Center, 100 Grant Ave., Deal
TICKETS: $30-$60
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Known to the world simply as Rita, Rita Jahan-Foruz emigrated from Iran to Israel In 1970, aged just eight, and fifteen years later became the best known, most successful singer in the country. In 2008, after 25 years in the business, she received the accolade of being named “top female singer in the past 60 years,” during a special countdown for Israel's 60th anniversary. Today Rita continues to pack venues and stadiums to capacity, her multi- platinum albums reinforcing her position as Israel's biggest singing sensation.  Her recent concert this past year at the United Nations was acclaimed universally.

Her unique voice has gained worldwide attention many times. Her first American single Love Has Begun penetrated the American music charts in the top 40!  

Throughout her career, Rita has sold over a million copies of her albums, won dozens awards acknowledging her contribution and talent and was named the Best Female Performer and Singer of Israel.

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