Sunday, August 3, 2014




By Jerry Herman
Directed by Gerry Appel
Musical direction by Rory Chalcraft
Choreograph by Nancy Takacx

WHEN: Thursday, September 4th and Friday, September 5th at 7:00PMm.  Callbacks by invitation are scheduled to be held on Saturday, September 6th at 2 PM.
East Brunswick Community Arts Center, 721 Cranbury Road, East Brunswick

The show dates are November 7 – November 23, 2014.  All shows are Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM and Sundays at 3 PM.

Cast Requirements: Some singing and dancing experience preferred for entire cast. All ages approximate, depending upon other casting. Age ranges are guides to the playable age of the characters, not necessarily the physical age of the actor.

  • All those auditioning should be prepared to sing up to 32 bars from musical theater in the style of the show (no songs from the show, please), that reflect their vocal range and shows their personality. (No Disney show, country, pop or rock shows, if possible). 
  • No acapella. An accompanist will be provided. 
  • Must bring your sheet music.
  • Be prepared for short dance audition. Wear comfortable clothes /dance shoes for dance audition.
  • Please bring your calendars. Weekday evening and weekend conflicts for entire rehearsal period will be requested.

Mame – mezzo [solid F3 – F5]; strong dancer preferred (Age range could be as young as 30s and up to early 50s) – eccentric, madcap, bohemian free spirit

Young Patrick Dennis – boy alto/high tenor [F3 - D5] (must be able to play age 10) – young boy, Mame’s nephew; acting and singing lead role

Agnes Gooch – soprano [G3 – Bb5] (Age range 30s – early 40s) – comedic role, Patrick’s dowdy Nanny

Vera Charles – alto [solid Eb3 - Bb4] (Age range could be as young as 30s and up to early 50s) – Mame's best friend; over-the-top flamboyant actress, comedic role

Ito – tenor/high baritone [G3 - G4] (singing age 18 – up male) – Mame’s Asian butler, comedic role

Lindsay Woolsey – publisher, one of many of Mame’s male friends. Mame’s closest male confidant

Dwight Babcock – pompous and righteous guardian/lawyer; the villain of the piece

Beauregard Burnside – baritone (30 – 45) wealthy southern gentleman who marries Mame

Mother Burnside – alto/contralto [E3 - G4] (55 – 70) Beauregard’s over-protective mother

Sally Cato – soprano [C4 - Bb5] (23 – 30) Southern Belle competing for Beauregard’s affection with Mame

Patrick Dennis – baritone [C3 - E4] (19 – 25) young (adult) man who is Mame’s nephew all grown up

Mrs. Upson – (35 – 45) Gloria’s uptight New England snobby mother

Mr. Upson – (35 – 45) Gloria’s uptight New England snobby father

Gloria Upson – (19 – 25) New England snobby girl engaged to Patrick

Pegeen Ryan – (19 – 25) the girl Patrick ultimately marries

And character parts played by Ensemble [Strong Dancers Preferred; Tenors need A4/Sopranos need Bb5]

Questions can be emailed to or by calling 732.970.6308. For more information about Playhouse 22, please visit