Wednesday, June 18, 2014


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Writer's Circle

The Writers Circle Workshops 2014 Summer Creative Writing Intensives

Last summer it was a tremendous experience for young writers.   

And this summer will be even better.  Here are some highlights:

  • Week 1 - work with Pushcart Award winning poet BJ Ward
  • Week 2 - explore TV writing in a full-day program with Chip Davis on site in the Deserted Village at the Watchung Reservation
  • Week 3 - work with Nebula-nominated Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer Paul Witcover and meet NY Times bestseller Caroline Leavitt (parents invited, too!)

The weeks are filling up, so if you are planning to join, please sign up soon! Young people have a wonderful chance to use summer as a way to fill their creative coffers with style and technique that can be enhance their writing craft! 

Contact or visit for more details.

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Made with ClayMade With Clay by Laura

will hold its long-standing successful camps in space at MONDO!

Sign up now for Made with Clay by Laura Hanley's Clay Jewelry Making Workshops for teens and/or adults at MONDO during May, June and July. 

Laura is also offering Clay/Ceramic/Art Camp at MONDO this summer for ages 9-14 as well.

Clay Jewelry Making Workshops: Learn, create and take home your own handmade clay jewelry.  Sign up for this 3-day workshop and bring out the best of your creative talents.     

Click here for more information/registration form.

Clay/Ceramic/Art Camp:  These sessions will keep your child so busy and creative they will want to stay all day.   

Click here for more information/registration form.