Wednesday, August 8, 2012



TWISTED is an evening of eight one act plays about the nature of art, artists, changing identities, broken connections, new futures and never forgotten pasts. Each act consists of four plays with an intermission in between. Here is a description of the 8 plays being presented:

  • VALENTINO’S MUSE is a comedy about a young would-be poet who is fearful of leaving his room in Queens, and because he hasn’t experienced life outside, he cannot write poetry. A young admiring woman who calls herself his muse shakes things up in order to set creative sparks in him.
  • TO BE is a drama about a life on the stage. Haunted by the memories of his teacher from high school, a young man reflects on the nature of action and the meaning of truth. Do we blame the ones who have instilled passion in us for our current failures or is failing only an emotional nick that causes one to be more resilient?
  • ANGE AND TONE is a poetic drama about two teenagers in love in a world that is quickly changing from childhood to adulthood. Angelo is in the closet and Tony is not. Can Tony stop Angelo’s slow decent into self-destruction?
  • UNDESTINED TRAVELER is a comedy about a clumsy traveler who desperately seeks the destiny promised two years past from a fortune teller. Caught in an airport that could have been designed by Hitchcock and played like a Chaplin film, the traveler is forced to confront the truth, that his destiny may be his worst possible fear.
  • THE POLITICS OF POTTERY is a comedy about a retired pottery maker and school teacher. The pottery maker tries to conform to the other retired citizen’s distaste for his avant garde pots. In a battle of wills, his wife asks him, “Why second guess your talents now?”
  • TWISTER is a dark and edgy drama about secrets of the past. Summoned to a bar by someone who claims to have known him in college, an ex-jock is forced to confront the actions of his past while a huge twister bellows outside the window.
  • EVERYWHERE/NO WHERE is an experimental play about a past high school football star who at the end of his life finds he has lied to everyone, including himself. Now he is haunted by the demons of his past who forces him to confront his behavior and actions.
  • THE DANCE is a lament about a playwright who has tried to capture on the stage for the past twenty years the story of a lost love. Memory, vision, truth and the nature of theater itself are fractured in a play about longing, regret and the rewriting of personal history.