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Reminder: Hudson Theatre Works Summer Acting Workshops










11:00-12:00: Scene Study

12:00-1:00:  Monologue/Audition Workshop

1:00-2:00:   Playwriting

2:00-3:00:  Improvisation



Each Class Meets 3 Times per Week for 3 Weeks


Tuesday, 7/9, Wednesday, 7/10, Thursday, 7/11

Tuesday, 7/16, Wednesday, 7/17, Thursday, 7/18

Tuesday, 7/23, Wednesday, 7/24, Thursday, 7/25



Progressive Dance Studio, 27 S. Van Brunt St., Englewood, NJ





Enrolling in one class: $360 for 3 weeks (9 classes total)

Enrolling in two classes: $630 for 3 weeks (18 classes total)

Enrolling in three classes: $810 for 3 weeks (27 classes total)

Enrolling in four classes: $1260 for 3 weeks (36 classes total)










All courses are designed with a two-fold philosophy: To provide a professional, challenging level of instruction from active, experienced artists to earnest, dedicated students, regardless of their past experience or future acting intentions. To combine this principle with the maintenance of a fun, supportive, safe environment to foster trust and promote play and a sense of joyous discovery and accomplishment. 

SCENE STUDY: Scene Study is an actor’s gym - a place to hone craft and keep skills sharp. It’s an environment for actors to learn new techniques and exercises, tackle new material, and gain confidence in the process. Actors will engage in group warmups, relaxation techniques, sensory work, and work with partners on an assigned scene from a play. They will also apply personal in-depth work, reading techniques, character exercises, and relationship improvs designed to tap into their inner lives and imagination. 

MONOLOGUES/AUDITIONS: This course will allow students to bring in contemporary monologues from any source, including those self written. Skills covered will include text analysis, actions and objectives, characterization, vocal presence, developing instincts to make highly personal and spontaneous choices, meeting the demands of acting for the camera, learning how to command the body and voice for maximum range and impact, body language awareness for auditions, and making the who/what/where/when of a character real and specific.

PLAYWRITING: Each week, students will have the opportunity to bring written work to be read out loud by the class. The teacher will foster discussion of the work, bringing together questions about character and plot. Students will learn how to build a storyline by using conflict and resolution, developing dialogue, establishing setting, linking scenes to build tension, and bringing the play to its conclusion. The class will also focus on the broader questions of playwriting: What does it mean to you to have your voice heard? What subjects draw you in the most? What do you want to accomplish in your plays? What is the effect on the audience of attending a play, as opposed to listening to music or watching a movie? 

IMPROVISATION: This class is dedicated to the exploration of spontaneity. Students will engage in theater games aimed at awakening the actor’s natural instincts. Based on the famous Viola Spolin technique of theater games, actors will learn to trust their impulses and to find joy in the wonder of play. Each class will begin with relaxation and warm-ups in an effort to center the actor, followed by improvisations and unscripted exercises that include situations, ideas, or physical objects. The goal of this class is to encourage actors to stop thinking and start reacting.





As you may have heard, Hudson Theatre Works will have a new future home! In recognition of our contribution to the arts and culture in Weehawken, we have been given the opportunity to utilize the future Performing Arts Center (see above) currently planned for the Weehawken waterfront.

The Show Will Go On

As we make the transition to the Performing Arts Center we will be temporarily moving back to the Weehawken Water Tower. 




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