Wednesday, July 10, 2024

24 Hour Playhouse -- One and Done!




This Just in! The 24 Hour Playhouse will live stream on YouTube Friday Night and Saturday morning, and sporadically throughout the day, right up to showtime! (For THAT, you've gotta be here!) link to come




Carol Holland, Charles Grayson, Chris Mortenson, Jeff Knapp, Lily Boyle & Sarah Henley


At 8pm Friday night, the company of the 24 Hour Playhouse will meet on the Chester Theatre Group's stage.

Each playwright will draw the names of 2-4 actors out of a hat to create the cast for which they will write a short one act play overnight

At 8am Saturday morning, the entire company assembles on the Black River Playhouse stage again and the rehearsal process begins: text analysis, character exploration, blocking and memorization.

From here on out, it's all on the Directors. These brave, beleaguered souls will attempt to build a bridge between authors' 4am fever dreams and you, using plucky actors doing their darndest as their medium.

The scripts will be performed as written. This is not an improvisation.


Carol, being statuesque, and paying the price.



Jeff, smelling faintly of wood smoke and maple syrup



Lily, sussing out the FRESHNESS!



Chris, practicing his angry face

SIX plays,

written, directed

and performed

in 24 hours!

Join these brave souls on


July 13th at 8pm 

for the results! A night of inspiration, spontaneous combustion & seat-of-the-pants thrills!

A genuine bargain at $15!!!

We'll throw in the air-conditioning for free




Chester Theatre Group | 54 Grove Street | Chester, NJ 07931