Thursday, June 27, 2024

DONT'T MISS The Storyteller Studio's Scripted This Saturday June 29th!

The New Jersey Play Lab Invites you to join us for



A Showcase of Staged Readings and Dramaturgy

June 29th, 2024

7:00 pm

Jersey City Theater Center

 This showcase features staged readings of brand-new short works created by the Storyteller Studio emerging playwrights and dramaturgs. You will be the very first audience to witness them!

Tickets are free!

Donations are welcome

All proceeds will support the Storyteller Studio program.

About Scripted

Over the past six months, the twelve emerging playwrights and dramaturgs in this year's Studio Cohort have built an artistic community and furthered their individual artistry. To celebrate the culmination of their time together, the group has been divided into smaller teams, each tasked with creating a new ten-minute play and companion dramaturgical component around the theme, idea, or word HEALING. These plays and companion displays featured in Scripted are the result of these collaborations.

Celebrate the work of this next generation of playmakers!

Cass and The Shadow

Written by Devon Villacampa

Dramaturgy by Emilia Siracusa


Six People Go To Space and Don’t Like What They Find

Written by Mikaela Simon

Dramaturgy by Lana Kurimoto


Artists Anonymous

Written by Alexis Telyczka and Bailey Udin

Dramaturgy by Moria Armstrong and Bailey Udin



Writing and Dramaturgy by

Nicole Martinez, Jack Waller, and Angelle Whavers



Club Chakra

Writing and Dramaturgy by

Grace Ahlin and Saphire Oshun

About the Studio

The Storyteller Studio is a collaborative space for young playwrights and dramaturgs under 30 to hone their craft through peer and professional support, and to develop the skills and work ethic necessary for success as they transition into professional careers. Learn more here.

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The New Jersey Play Lab is a home for playwrights and dramaturgs of all career levels who seek collaboration, methodology, and excellence in their work. At each and every point of engagement at The New Jersey Play Lab, whether through our early career foundational programming, play development forums, dramaturgical services, or our developmental residencies, the focus is on providing the knowledge and opportunity to move forward in one’s artistic and professional journey.