Saturday, June 22, 2024

Axelrod PAC June 26 Open House & Fireworks! 🎆




Axelrod Performing Arts Academy invites new and current families to join us for our second Open House on June 26 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm.

 The fun begins at 7:00 pm with a guided tour of the brand-new BELL THEATER...our exclusive new home where our students will shine on stage! Following the tour, enjoy student performances and take part in a song & dance demo taught by Justin Christopher Odon & Jessica Totaro, APAA Dance Director.


Stick around and meet and greet with our instructors & staff where you will learn about our summer and fall offerings... then head outside for the annual Bell Works Fireworks show!






This summer, unleash your creativity and elevate your dance skills at our Summer Dance Intensive designed specifically for young dancers in our junior division! Join us for a week filled with exciting classes in ballet, contemporary, and hip-hop.

Each day you'll dive into technique, choreography, and performance skills across these diverse styles. Whether you're perfecting your pirouettes in ballet, expressing your emotions through contemporary, or grooving in hip-hop, our experienced instructors are here to guide you every step of the way.

What to Expect:

  •  Ballet: Build strength, grace, and precision in this classic dance form.
  • Contemporary: Explore dynamic movement and creative expression.
  • Hip-Hop: Get into the groove with energetic and rhythmic skills.

Beyond dance, this intensive is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and connect with fellow dance enthusiasts. It's all about learning, growing, and having fun!

Come ready to dance, learn, and have an unforgettable summer experience. Whether you're looking to enhance your technique or try something new, our Summer Dance Intensive is the perfect place to start.



Are you a musical theater performer looking to enhance your dance skills and boost your performance confidence? Join our dynamic dance class designed specifically for musical theater artists!

You'll Learn:

Fundamental Techniques: Master the core techniques of various dance styles integral to musical theater.

Choreography Mastery: Learn to quickly pick up and perform choreography, improving your ability to adapt to different musical theater roles.

  • Performance Quality: Develop the ability to convey emotion and character through dance, enhancing your overall stage presence.
  • Flexibility and Strength: Engage in exercises to improve your flexibility, strength, and overall physical conditioning.
  • Dance Vocabulary: Familiarize yourself with the specific terminology and movements used in musical theater dance.






Classes for all ages!


Summer Junior Tap Intensive (Ages 7-11) ~ June 24 – 28


“In My Sparkle Era” Taylor Swift-themed Dance Workshop (Ages 7-11) ~ June 24 – 28 


Andrew Winans - Musical Theater Masterclass (Ages 12+) ~ July 8


Ballet Masterclass with former Dance Director of the MET Opera ~ (Int/Adv.) - July 15


John John Tarrayo - Hip Hop Masterclass (Ages 10+) ~ July 22


Musical Theater Summer Intensive (Ages 7-17) ~ Session 1 – July 9 - 30 & Session 2 - August 12 - 27


TV Dance Experience with Lane Napper (Ages 9+) ~ August 5 – 9 


Three-Day Pointe & Variation Workshop w/ Kathleen Pearlberg ~ August 6, 7, 8


Once Upon a Time: Enchanted Summer Camp (Ages 3.5-6) ~ August 12 – 16






Visit our website and check out our social media to learn more about upcoming classes and information about our summer programs!