Friday, May 3, 2024

Open Auditions for 30th Annual Jersey Voices One-Act Festival



30th Annual Jersey Voices One-Act Festival 

WHEN: Sunday, May 19, at 6pm and Monday, May 20, at 7pm. Performers are asked to arrive and check in within the first hour of auditions.  
WHERE:  Chatham Playhouse, 23 North Passaic Ave., Chatham. 
For directions, audition forms and sides, and more information, please visit

Performances will take place on July 26th, 27th, August 1st, 2nd and 3rd at 8pm and August 4th at 3pm.

Presented One-Act Plays are: 

“Sexpo 2051”
by Alex Bernstein
Directed by Alyson Pemoulié Halter

The promise of a sex-fueled extravaganza takes a sharp turn when a wife informs her husband that she has other plans.

  • Don (M/Male presenting, 40s – 50s)
  • Peg (F/Female presenting, 40s – 50s)

 “A Leap of Faith”
by Susan Brown-Peitz
Directed by John A.C. Kennedy

In the middle of a tense family crisis, two adult siblings step into the backyard of the house they grew up in, to navigate a history of broken trust and personal failures, in an effort to determine whether there’s still a possibility for light at the end of the tunnel. 

  • William (M, 30s) has hit bottom again; he’s recovering now, but it’s not easy
  • Beth (F, 30s – 40s) his sister, has been through this before; wants to be supportive, but has to be smart

“Negate the Gods”
by Clinton Festa
Directed by Stephen Mennella

A Greek god and goddess, in the midst of their eternal punishment by Zeus, are taught a lesson in the power of positive thinking by an unexpected source. 

  • Prometheus (M, 20s – 40s) the Greek god, now chained to his hillside where he is attacked by an eagle every day, frustrated with his predicament.
  • Io (F, 20s – 40s) the Greek goddess, former consort of Zeus, now condemned to being tormented by a gadfly and being changed into a cow. As frustrated as Prometheus.
  • Sisyphus (M, 20s – 40s) the Greek god, condemned to forever roll his rock up a hill. Totally cool with his predicament. Endearing, almost childlike. But has the right idea.

 “Sundays in the Park with Will”
by Ed Friedman
Directed by Cass Cochrane

A middle-aged man secretly meets with the daughter of his romantic partner. Things don’t turn out as either of them had planned. 

  • Garrett (M, 47)
  • Gina (F, 19)

 “Blow, Gabriel, Blow”
by Jeanne Johnston
Directed by Ed Faver

Gabriel, an average guy with an average life, learns from an attorney, Luci, that he has inherited a large sum of money and a trumpet. To get the money, he must blow a single note on the horn. In comes a third party, Michael, who does his best to convince him to reject the offer. But why? 

  • Gabriel (M, 25-40) an everyman
  • Luci (F, late 20s – mid 30s) a representative of a powerful organization, very persuasive
  • Michael (m, 20s – mid 30s) from another powerful group, subtler than Luci, but persuasive in his own way

 “Lillian Whistles Back”
by Alexis Kozak
Directed by Michael Sasso

After his wife dies, a middle-aged ornithology enthusiast has continued to live with his mother-in-law. Tension between these housemates comes to an explosive (and uncomfortably humorous) head as they grapple with grief and their shared reality. 

  • Lillian (F, mid – late 60s) spry and youthful for her age; full of piss and vinegar. Says what’s on her mind.
  • Walter (M, early 40s) a dreamer, a romantic, an Internet “research” enthusiast. Emotionally stuck.

“The Forgiven”
by Alex Wilke
Directed by Julia Cassisi

Two women, one holding a grudge and the other at peace, debate past indiscretions.  

  • Helen (F, 60s – 80s) put together, calm, sensible
  • Lois (F, 60s – 80s) disheveled, frenzied, righteous