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Here's highlights for this Memorial Day weekend on American History TV

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Featured Saturday on C‑SPAN2


World War II Battle of the Atlantic

Lectures in History

Watch: 8 am/pm & 11 am/pm


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University of Notre Dame military history professor Ian Ona Johnson examines the contest for control of Atlantic sea routes during World War II. German submarines – or unterwasser boats (U-boats) had early success in World War II, sinking thousands of merchant vessels and warships. By March 1941, the Allies were better able to protect trans-Atlantic shipping through the use of radar, as well as sea and air armed escort across supply routes. 





2024 Organization of American Historians conference

Sessions from 3 pm to 6:15 pm


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LGBT Labor History


American History TV attends the 2024 Organization of American Historians meeting in New Orleans.

  • 3 pm: LGBT Labor History
    Historians Alex Burnett (University of Michigan), Margot Canady (Princeton University), Ryan Patrick Murphy (Earlham College), Shay Olmstead (University of Massachusetts Amherst) and Lane Windham (Georgetown University) talk about eras where Americans' sexual orientation and gender identity became workplace issues. They discuss cases of discrimination, changes in employment law, and the role of union membership. 
  •  4:28 pm: Labor History and Migrant Workers
     Cindy Hahamovitch, former president of the Labor and Working-Class History Association, looks back at the history of labor and immigration. 
  •  4:43 pm: U.S. Neoliberalism since the 1970s
    Historians Elizabeth Todd-Breland (University of Illinois at Chicago), Julilly Kohler-Hausman (Cornell University), Sarena Martinez (University of Oxford), Paul Renfro (Florida State University), and Caleb Smith (Brandeis University) debate the meaning of neoliberalism and examine changing policies and the trend of privatization for local governments, welfare programs, and the education system.



2023 Lincoln Forum: Remembering the Civil War Dead

The Civil War

Watch: 2 pm



Moderated by Jonathan W. White (Christopher Newport University), a panel of historians Allen C. Guelzo (Princeton University), Dana Shoaf (National Museum of Civil War Medicine), and Melissa Winn (American Battlefield Trust) recount personal stories of soldiers and civilians who died in the Civil War. They delve into how they unearthed details about their lives. 

This event was part the 2023 Lincoln Forum held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.



Washington Journal:  BlackWall Street and
the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre

Watch: 6:15 pm



Author Hannibal Johnson ("Black Wall Street 100: An American City Grapples with Its Historical Racial Trauma") discusses Tulsa, Oklahoma's, historic Greenwood district and the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. He chronicles this lesser known act of terror that occurred on May 31 to June 1 in 1921, when white residents of Tulsa attacked and destroyed an affluent Black neighborhood. Over two days, more than a 100 died and 1,000 buildings were destroyed. For years, it was largely omitted from local, state, and national histories.

C-SPAN's Washington Journal conducted the interview.



Congress Investigates


This weekly series looks at historic congressional investigations that led to changes in policy and law.


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1994 Tobacco Industry Hearings
(ep. 10)


Watch: 7 pm


In 1994, top tobacco industry CEOs testified before the House that they didn't believe nicotine was addictive. Two years later, they found themselves under federal investigation for potentially lying under oath.





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Q&A: Betty Koed, “Scenes”

This Memorial Day weekend, retired U.S. Senate Historian Betty Koed shares stories from her book "Scenes: People, Places and Events That Shaped the United States Senate." The book is a collection of brief chronicles of Senate history that she presented to senators during their Tuesday caucus lunches between 2009 and 2023. Some of the stories told include the influence and power of Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson, the story of the first female senator, and when Mark Twain worked as a Senate staffer. 

Tune in at 8 pm & 11 pm
or enjoy Q&A as a podcast.





CSPAN’sTheWeekly:   When Presidential Candidates Warned About “More of the Same”

“This debate tonight has made crystal clear a challenge that is as old as America: The choice between hope and fear, change, or more of the same.”

–said by then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton (D) in his closing statement during a presidential debate on October 11, 1992

“More of the same” is a phrase Bill Clinton famously — and quite effectively — used during the 1992 campaign.

And you don’t just hear it from Bill Clinton. “More of the same” is a warning you typically hear from other presidential candidates in other presidential campaigns.

But probably not this year. In 2024, with a repeat of the same two candidates from the last presidential election, we likely won’t hear either political side talk much — if at all — about “more of the same.”
So let’s do it ourselves. Let’s use this week’s episode of C‑SPAN’s The Weekly to remember when “more of the same” was common campaign rhetoric. Yes, in this podcast, you will hear more about more of the same.

Listen to C‑SPAN’s The Weekly.



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