Thursday, April 4, 2024

NJJFF 2024 • See Our Shorts Program on Friday, April 5!


Friday, April 5, 12:00PM

JCC MetroWest's Maurice Levine Theater


 The Father, the Son, and the Rav Kalmenson

One Shabbat, a playful six-year-old poses an unexpected problem for his father and the men of their Orthodox synagogue.


Academy Award Nominee Letter to a Pig 
A Holocaust Survivor tells his story to an Israeli classroom, sparking one student’s imagination.


The Soldier on Smithdown Road
In 1947, the kidnapping and murder of two British soldiers in Mandatory Palestine incite antisemitism across the UK. One Liverpool shopkeeper is forced to respond in this true story.


Finding Fate
This documentary follows three powerful mothers in Poland who protect their families and refugees struggling under the shadow of war in neighboring Ukraine.


Heritage Day 
In this comedy, eight-year-old Evie dresses up as her estranged grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, for her school’s Heritage Day, forcing her mother to engage with Evie’s new obsession (starring Rachel Bloom and Scott Michael Foster of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend).


Happy BirthGay 
Ronit throws her son an over-the-top party to celebrate the first anniversary of his coming-out, but an unexpected guest interrupts her plans.

The eagerly anticipated New Jersey Jewish Film Festival is not just a celebration of cinema but a poignant opportunity for our diverse community to come together, sharing in the beauty of our heritage and the compelling stories that define us. This March, let the New Jersey Jewish Film Festival guide us to a space where our shared history and collective dreams converge, forging bonds that resonate far beyond the confines of the theater.


All films will be screened in-person at JCC MetroWest's Maurice Levin Theatre.

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