Tuesday, April 2, 2024

NJJFF 2024 • See "Love Gets a Room" on Wednesday, April 3!


Wednesday, April 3, 1:00PM

$10 Matinee

JCC MetroWest's Maurice Levine Theater


Stefcia, a Jewish actress with a theater company in the Warsaw Ghetto, must make several major life decisions, including whether to escape, in the midst of a stage performance. This drama features an international cast and crew and incorporates the book and lyrics of Jerzy Jurandot’s musical Love Gets a Room, which was performed inside the Warsaw Ghetto. Moving nimbly between the stage, the theater corridors, and the bleak ghetto outside, Love Gets a Room balances life-and-death struggle with the art we create to survive and transcend it.


Post-screening Q&A with writer-director-editor Rodrigo Cortes

Love Gets a Room Trailer #1 (2023)

Click above to view the Love Gets a Room trailer.

The eagerly anticipated New Jersey Jewish Film Festival is not just a celebration of cinema but a poignant opportunity for our diverse community to come together, sharing in the beauty of our heritage and the compelling stories that define us. This March, let the New Jersey Jewish Film Festival guide us to a space where our shared history and collective dreams converge, forging bonds that resonate far beyond the confines of the theater.


All films will be screened in-person at JCC MetroWest's Maurice Levin Theatre.

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