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Dragonfly Multicultural Arts Center Celebrates Decade of Diversity and Excellence in 10th Anniversary Season

Dragonfly Multicultural Arts Center, a visionary theater company founded in 2014 by Catherine LaMoreaux and Anna Paone, proudly announces its exciting 10th anniversary season. Over the past decade, Dragonfly has been a trailblazer in promoting multicultural programming with diverse casts, creating a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of Central New Jersey and beyond.

The journey began in the historical Old Franklin Schoolhouse in Metuchen, where Dragonfly staged its inaugural production, The Coarse Acting Show. The tiny setting became memorable not only because of the intimate space, but also because of the unique challenge of the only bathroom door being in the stage wall. This led to audience members crossing the stage during the show and became a humorous chapter in Dragonfly’s early history.

After a brief stint at Metuchen’s Forum Theater and a sojourn in Woodbridge, Dragonfly found its permanent home in 2018 at the duCret Center of Art, where they are now the theater in residence. Over the past ten years, Dragonfly has presented over 30 plays, 47 play readings on Zoom during the Covid shutdown, numerous educational workshops, and four traveling shows, solidifying its commitment to diverse and impactful storytelling.

To celebrate the company’s milestone, Dragonfly will host a spectacular 10th anniversary gala on April 27 at duCret. The gala will feature scenes and monologues from many of Dragonfly’s productions, with returning actors sharing the stage. Attendees can indulge in appetizers, partake in a cash bar, and participate in a silent auction, making it an evening to remember.

Dragonfly’s 10th season opened with the New Jersey Short Play Festival, the first of a diverse array of performances. The festival, showcasing five original plays, kicked off on March 1-3, featuring four world premieres and one New Jersey premiere by Garden State playwrights. 

In May, the drama Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott takes center stage. This thriller is a captivating tale of a blind woman terrorized by murderous thieves.

The summer brings the return of the Porch Play series, outdoor performances on duCret’s front porch. Straight from a New York run, Dracula: A Comedy of Terrors, offers a humorous twist on Bram Stoker’s classic story from June 21-23. The second porch play will be the comedy Chicken & Biscuits by Douglas Lyons about sisters Baneatta and Beverly embracing their family conflicts at their father’s funeral.

As fall descends, Dragonfly invites the audience to join an interactive murder mystery, The Act of Murder, which will utilize all the unique space of the duCret house and school. This spooky experience, set just in time for Halloween on October 25-27, will allow participants to search for clues and unravel the mystery within the art-filled halls.

Tim O’Connor, Executive Director of duCret and a frequent performer in Dragonfly shows, says “As the Director of duCret Center of Art, I am immensely proud to witness Dragonfly Multicultural Center's flourishing journey over the past decade. Dragonfly has woven itself into the vibrant tapestry of duCret, helping us bring live theater to the community. Together, through a yearlong slate of captivating plays, Dragonfly, is fostering a rich and diverse artistic landscape that defines the essence of our creative community.”

Catherine LaMoreaux, co-founder and artistic director, expresses her excitement about the 10th season: “Dragonfly has evolved and thrived over the past decade thanks to the support of our vibrant community. Our 10th anniversary season is a celebration of the diverse stories we’ve shared and the rich tapestry of cultures that defines us. We invite everyone to join us in this momentous occasion and experience the magic of live theater.”

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About Dragonfly Multicultural Arts Center

Dragonfly Multicultural Arts Center is dedicated to celebrating diversity through arts education, dramatic performances, and creation of new works. Dragonfly is committed to reaching all the diverse communities of Central New Jersey with classes for all ages and backgrounds; performances that enlighten, entertain, and educate; and opportunities for development of new works.