Monday, April 29, 2024




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 New Podcast April 28:

Casting Director Emma Green

Coordinating the Young Playwrights Competition


Mary Iannelli sits down with the head of Emma Green Casting to discuss the role of a casting director and what up and coming actors should know about the casting process.

Emma Green is a seasoned Casting Director and Development Producer. Originally from Australia, Emma forged her way into the world of Casting and Producing from humble beginnings as an eager intern with companies such as Maura Fay/Tom McSweeney (AUST) and Cast Iron Productions (USA).



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THE THEATER PROJECT THINKS ABOUT ... was created as a way to take our patrons on a “deeper dive” into the process of the actors, directors, playwrights and other artists in our community, as well as the mechanics of bringing an artist’s work to an audience. The podcasts allow us to serve a wider audience via the internet.