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@ THE FOLGER: Shakespeare Plus: The Ides of March, marmalade mysteries, women artists, and more


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Michelle Ephraim

Michelle Ephraim: Green World

Shakespeare scholar Michelle Ephraim tells the story in her new memoir, Green World, of how she became transfixed by The Merchant of Venice and how the play refracts through the changing dynamics of her own family.


A scene from "Julius Caesar" in which the Soothsayer warns Caesar

Beware the Ides of March

So the Soothsayer (unsuccessfully) warns Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's play. Learn why March 15 is called the Ides of March, and untangle the calendar confusion in the time of Shakespeare and the world of Julius Caesar.




an object viewer on the digital collections site showing a page from a book with various configuration settings


A New Home for the Folger’s Digital Collections

We’ve recently launched a new platform for exploring the Folger’s digital collections, whether you’re doing a class assignment, conducting research, or just pursuing your own curiosity and learning:

Browse the collections within our collection: books, manuscripts, art, bindings, Shakespeare, and more. You can also browse by name, genre, subject, and place of creation, or use our search tools to dig even deeper. 

For more information about our new platform’s features, see our Collation blog post. You’ll also find tips on migrating media groups and converting any saved links from LUNA, our longtime digital image collection, which will be retired at the end of March.




artist's book - the cover depicts a shipwreck scene from The Tempest

Women Artists

Celebrate Women's History Month with this blog post about five female artists whose interpretations of Shakespeare’s works are part of the Folger collection.


a woman in an eye-catching fur coat holding a cigarette

Onstage in March

Check out our round-up of what's onstage at our theater partners this month, including Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice, and Julius Caesar (pictured above).


a jar of marmalade on top of circular boxes

Marmalade Mysteries

Heather Wolfe, the Folger's curator of manuscripts, uncovers intriguing stories in the Folger collection about marmalade boxes, Lenten fasts, and love.





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Instagram post showing a lithograph of a scene from Julius Caesar



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Image Credits: Michelle Ephraim author photo | A Soothsayer (Nafeesa Monroe, left) warns Caesar (Michael Sharon, center): “Beware the ides of March!” Julius Caesar, directed by Robert Richmond, Folger Theatre, 2014. Photo by Jeff Malet. | The Tempest, a sketchbook by Sue Doggett from the play by William Shakespeare. 1995. Folger Shakespeare Library. | Kelly Mengelkoch as Octavia in Julius Caesar at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. Photo by Mikki Schaffner. | Detail from Juan van der Hamen y León, Still-Life with a Basket and Sweetmeats, 1622. Oil on canvas. Museo del Prado.