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Highlights for this week: As eyes turn to the upcoming New Hampshire primary, we share historic campaign speeches from Bob Dole and John Kerry while stumping in the Granite State. Plus, dramatic readings from the oeuvre of  American author Willa Cather, born 150 years ago.


Paul Carter, "Richard Nixon: California's Native Son"

The Presidency

Watch: 9:30 am/pm & 1 pm


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Author Paul Carter delves into Richard Nixon’s California roots for a deeper understanding of his journey from a Whittier law practice to the White House. His book, "Richard Nixon: California's Native Son," offers a comprehensive look at Richard Nixon's upbringing and family history in Whittier, California — dating back to 1897 when his mother's Quaker family settled there to his years as a Whittier College student and reserve tackle on the football team, as well as his career as a lawyer in his hometown. As the only U.S. president born and raised in California, he relished deep friendships and connections to the Golden State throughout his life. 

The Richard Nixon Foundation in Yorba Linda, California, hosted this event.


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Presidential Scandals

Lectures in History

Watch: 8 am/pm & 11:30 am/pm


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University of Houston political science professor Brandon Rottinghaus discusses presidential scandals and how public reaction to them has changed over time. In his research, professor Rottinghaus explores a commander in chief's ability to survive in office after allegations of illegal, unethical or immoral wrongdoing. He makes the case that there is less political fallout in modern times due, in part, to partisanship and polarization of the electorate.



Historic Campaign Speeches

Bob Dole 1996 New Hampshire rally
& John Kerry 2004 New Hampshire speech

Watch: 10:30 am/pm  (Bob Dole)

Watch: 10:52 am/pm (John Kerry)


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In this presidential election year, American History TV is featuring Historic Campaign Speeches from both sides of the aisle.

10:30 am   Bob Dole 1996 New Hampshire Campaign Rally
At a get-out-the-vote rally at Pinkerton Academy, Senator Bob Dole spoke about his ability to unite the party as a "common sense conservative." He also talked about his agenda of economic growth and returning to traditional values.

10:52 am   John Kerry 2004 New Hampshire Campaign Rally
Senator John Kerry spoke to supporters at a rally in New Hampshire following his victory in the Iowa caucuses. The New Hampshire primary election was scheduled to take place the next week.


American History TV's Series: Historic Campaign Speeches


With the 2024 nominating contests building toward Super Tuesday, American History TV looks at presidential campaigns past.

We see Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama in Iowa, Bob Dole and John Kerry in New Hampshire, John Edwards and Mitt Romney in Nevada, and John McCain and Bernie Sanders in Michigan. And we hear from Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio. The 2020 presidential nominees — Joe Biden and Donald Trump — are here, too.





1864 Battle of Monocacy

The Civil War

Watch: 2 pm



Historian Ryan Quint discusses Confederate Major General Jubal Early's attack on the defenses of the bridge at Monocacy, Maryland, in 1864. The Battle of Monocacy has become known as "The Battle That Saved Washington" as Union General Lew Wallace led a scratch force of Union troops to confront advancing Confederates near Frederick, Maryland, buying time for reinforcements to bolster the capital defenses.

This was part of the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier's annual event in Petersburg, Virginia.





Willa Cather 1873 Birth
150th Anniversary

Watch: 3:40 pm



Actors read from author Willa Cather's fiction and letters to mark the 150th anniversary of her 1873 birth. In 1923, she was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in literature for her book "One of Ours," a novel set in France during World War I and Nebraska.

Speakers at the sesquicentennial event include Sara Holliday, New York Society Library staffer; Peter Cipkowski, vice president of the Willa Cather Foundation Board of Governors; actor Deanne Lorette; and actor Steve Routman.



1980 "Free to Choose" series

 Milton Friedman on Government Control of Economy (ep. 2)


Watch: 7 pm


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American History TV is airing the Friedmans’ original 1980 "Free to Choose" 10-part public television series —Saturdays at 7 p.m. ET.

In this second episode, Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman looks at government planning and control of economic activity. Episode two was originally titled "The Tyranny of Control.



C-SPAN's The Weekly: Lesser-Known Candidates and the New Hampshire Primary

The New Hampshire presidential primary is just days away. So, let’s check in with the "lesser-known candidates." You know ... the ones who participate in the Lesser-Known Candidates Forum — a regular feature of New Hampshire's primary and C-SPAN coverage every four years.

Like Vermin Supreme. Who is Vermin Supreme? What’s his platform?
And what about the serious and substantive core of the Lesser-Known Candidates Forum?
Find out by hearing Vermin Supreme and more serious presidential aspirants who have participated in the Lesser-Known Candidates Forum — in the latest episode of C-SPAN’s podcast The Weekly.


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