Friday, December 22, 2023

The Reviews Speak for Themselves!



Rave after rave, the critics are telling you

not to miss this one!


A Midwinter Night's Dream

By William Shakespeare | Directed by Brian B. Crowe

"Re-seasoned" by Bonnie J. Monte and Joseph Discher


Must close December 31!



Pictured: Billie Wyatt as Puck, photo by Avery Brunkus



"Yes, you may say that you’ve seen this play before, but I urge you to go to Madison to see its latest incarnation."



"I doubt I’ve ever heard as much laughing at a Shakespeare play as I did at “A Midwinter Night’s Dream,”...And these weren’t polite little laughs. They were big guffaws, in response to bold, perfectly executed physical comedy."


"A Midwinter Night’s Dream, is an absolute theatrical delight – something for everybody, something with a little bit of ice and snow, but something truly wonderful."

 New Jersey Stage


"I can’t describe all the delights this show offers without spoiling the surprises for you. All I can do is urge you to buy your tickets now, before it’s too late, for the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ’s riotous season-closer, A Midwinter Night’s Dream!"



"...there’s never a dull moment in these parallel stories set in ancient Athens and a shimmering forest."


"These adaptations do nothing to dilute the comedy; in fact, they infuse the story with fresh ideas, liveliness, and renewed audience appreciation. I haven’t even mentioned the snowball fight or the superb music cues that lead to magic, right before your eyes."

 The Front Row Center


"You may want to get two sets of tickets – you will want to see this show again before it’s over."


"This charming production is enthralling from the first minute to the last. See it through December 31st."


"The smart and fun adaptation in fact celebrates Shakespeare’s “Midsummer” by exploring its full dimensions. And this is a wonderful production too boot. “Midwinter” proves to be warm and joyful holiday theater."


"In short (pardon the expression, Hermia), if you know any schoolboys or girls who glaze over at the sound of iambic pentameter, bundle them up for a taste of wintry misadventure at Shakespeare’s place in Madison.  A Midwinter Night’s Dream might just warm their hearts."

 Morristown Green



Pictured: Eric Hoffmann, James Francis Egbert, David Foubert, Keith Hale, and Darin F. Earl II as The Mechanicals, photo by Avery Brunkus



(Prices based on Orchestral Seating)


Matinees: $65


Evenings: $62


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Pay What You Can seats are available for every performance on a first come, first served basis.


*Student Discount tickets and $30 Under 30 tickets must be picked up at the Box Office with a valid Student ID or Drivers License.



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