Monday, December 25, 2023

Kicking off Winter Season❄️ with Our Favorite Programs


Morris County Park Commission

This Week:


Wild animal experts: tracksWild Animal Experts: Tracks

December 30

Saturday mornings are a great time to take a nature walk and discover new facts about New Jersey's wildlife! Join a naturalist for this series to learn about a new animal every month. In this session, we'll head out looking for tracks and learn how to identify which animal made them. Get started.

Cost: $10 per child. Preregistration required.

Look What's Coming:

Hidden WildernessThe Hidden Wilderness

January 3

Kids can join our staff to explore the wonders of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum.  Travel the trails, look in the streams, and find what's exciting and alive in the wilderness areas of the Arboretum.  Wear waterproof shoes and dress for the outdoors. Explore more.

Cost: $10 per child. Preregistration is required. 


In-Person Home School DaysHomeschool Explorers

January 4

Curated treks through the grounds and gardens guided by educators and trail rangers with themes that change monthly. Students should dress for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes. This is a drop off program. Find out more!

Cost: $15 per child. Preregistration is required. 


popcorn and smoresS'mores & Popcorn Party

January 5

Learn how to make popcorn the old-fashioned way! Toast a marshmallow and enjoy a s'more. 

Come join us!

Cost: $10 per person. Preregistration is required.


little farm friends-transportationLittle Farm Friends: Tractors and Transportation

January 5

How did people travel before they had cars? You'll find out in the transportation exhibit! Sit on an old-fashioned tractor and pretend to drive the cars from over one hundred years ago. Ready to go vroom?

Cost: $10 per child. Preregistration is required.