Monday, December 25, 2023

Chatham Players to Hold Auditions for“NINE” by Maury Yeston & Arthur Kopit



music & lyrics by Maury Yeston and book by Arthur Kopit
directed by Elizabeth Rogers 
Musical direction, Emily Bengels 
Choreographed by Amanda Pappa and Matt Mancuso 

WHEN: Thursday, January 18, and Friday, January 19, at 7pm. Actors must check in to the auditions by 7:30pm.
The Chatham Playhouse 23 North Passaic Ave. Chatham

Production dates are May 3 - 18, 2024

The spectacular musical adaptation of Fellini's features one man and the dozens of women in his life. Celebrated but impetuous film director Guido Contini, succumbing to the pressures of filming his latest film epic, suffers a midlife crisis. One by one, women from his past and present – including his mother, his wife, his mistress, and his leading lady – haunt, instruct, scold, seduce and encourage him until he finally learns to grow up.

Actors will be asked to sing 16 bars from a piece similar to the style of “NINE”. We are looking for actors and singers of all ethnicities and backgrounds. Based on timing, actors may be asked to stay for some additional work. Please be aware that these auditions will be recorded. 

To download the audition form, please visit

Character Breakdown

Guido Contini (Presenting Male) Reads late 30’s/early 40’s, Baritone/Tenor - A film director going through a mid­life crisis. Guido is charming, brilliant, self-involved, emotional, and struggling. This is a tour de force role. Italian accent a plus.

Luisa Contini (Presenting Female) Reads mid to late 30’s, Alto - Former actor, Guido’s wife, struggling with her relationship with Guido, and is well aware of her brilliant husband’s process and his affairs. Italian accent a plus.

Carla (Presenting Female) Reads 18-25, Soprano - Guido’s mistress. Young, sexy, smart but naïve.  She is convinced Guido will leave Luisa for her. She is in love and therefore devastated when she realizes Guido does not have any such plan. Must move well.

Claudia (Presenting Female) Reads 25-30, Mezzo - Guido’s muse and former lover. She is an actress who starred in all of Guido’s early films but became frustrated playing the same role. She is an old friend, but she has moved on and is married. She probably knows Guido better than anyone other than Luisa, and she loves him as a dear friend.

Guido's Mother (Presenting Female) Reads 50+, Soprano - Strong, loving, and religious. She appears in flashbacks of Guido’s youth and in predictions of his future. Italian accent a plus.

Liliane La Fleur (Presenting Female) Reads 50+, Alto - Guido’s producer. She is a former star of the Folies Bergere, a diva (in the literal sense), and a savvy businesswoman. Should be able to move well. Dance background a plus. French accent a plus.

Stephanie Necrophorus (Presenting Female) Any Age, Alto - Film critic. Does not think much of Guido and she is not a fan of his work. Brought in to help Guido with his script. Sharp-tongued, witty, and sure of her opinions.

Serraghina (Presenting Female) Reads 35-40, Alto - Prostitute from Guido’s childhood who tells Guido and his classmates about sex. Lusty and confident with good sense of humor. Must move well. Italian accent a plus.

Mama Maddalena (Presenting Female) Any Age, Soprano - Manager of the Spa. Proud of her position, feisty and with good comedic timing.

Our Lady of the Spa (Presenting Female) Any Age, Soprano - Guido’s mystical/ethereal guide to the spa.

Lina Darling (Presenting Female) Any Age, Alto/Mezzo - Liliane’s bodyguard. Tough and intimidating.

Young Guido (Presenting Male) Reads approximately 9, Soprano - Guido’s inner child, and Guido as a child in flashback sequences. Should move well.

Guido’s Schoolmates (Presenting Male) Reads 9-12, Soprano/Alto - The schoolmates appear with Young Guido in several scenes, including Be Italian and The Script. Should move well.

Ensemble (Presenting Females) Any age over 18+, Alto, Mezzo, Soprano - Ensemble plays multiple characters in addition to specific primary characters. There are groups: The Italians and the Germans.

The Chatham Players have an open call casting policy. 

ALL roles are open, none are precast, and everyone is encouraged to audition. 

Any questions, please call Gus Ibranyi at (201)-563-0362 or email  

For directions or additional information, please visit