Sunday, October 22, 2023

Thrilling Historical Drama, "A Man for All Seasons"



A Man for All Seasons!

By Robert Bolt | Directed by Paul Mullins


Never was a “season” more apt than now for Robert Bolt’s depiction of Sir Thomas More and the story of his clash with Henry VIII over Henry’s desire to divorce Catherine of Aragon in defiance of the Catholic Church, Spain, and the Pope. Sir Thomas, a consummate man of conscience and principle, loved by his family and the commoners, remains faithful to his moral code to the very end, despite immense pressures, enticing alternatives, and the threat of death. Thematically rich, stuffed with matters of import, the play is, at the same time, an often funny, moving and compelling historical drama.



Pictured: Roger Clark as King Henry VIII and Thomas Michael Hammond as Sir Thomas More



Pictured: James McMenamin

as Thomas Cromwell


Pictured: Kevin Isola as The Common Man and Aaron McDaniel as Richard Rich



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Pictured: Mary Stillwaggon Stewart

as Alice More and Thomas Michael Hammond as Sir Thomas More

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Photos by Avery Brunkus.