Monday, October 23, 2023

Rutgers Jewish Film Festival Explores wish Spirituality, Religion, & Identity across the Globe









Exploring Jewish Spirituality, Religion, and Identity around the World




Israel, 2022


Moti falls head over heels for his sister’s Mizrahi friend Nechama--much to the dismay of his ultra-Orthodox Ashkenazi community. But he will do anything to pursue his true love in this joyful, lighthearted romcom.



Israel, 2022

New Jersey Premiere


Unable to conceive children, a young ultra-Orthodox couple find their lives turned upside down in this compelling drama about faith and trust.





Ukraine, 2022


Capturing the vibrant world of a Ukrainian Jewish village before the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, this spellbinding film is shot in a fully reconstructed shtetl outside of Kyiv.


Q&A: Moshe Lobel, Lead Actor


Rabbi on the Block

USA, 2023

Mid-Atlantic Premiere


Rabbi Tamar Manasseh is bringing together Jews of all colors and espousing an activist Judaism on the streets of Chicago.


Q&A: Rabbi Tamar Manasseh and

Director Brad Rothschild




The Good Person

Israel, 2022

New Jersey Premiere


A feminist art-house film producer on the verge of bankruptcy teams up with an ultra-Orthodox rabbi to make his comeback film--an adaptation of the biblical story of King Saul. Artistic and religious values collide in this intriguing drama.


Q&A: Prof. Azzan Yadin-Israel, Rutgers University


The Frisco Kid

USA, 1979

Classic Film


Gene Wilder is an endearing Polish rabbi traversing the Wild West on his way to lead a synagogue in San Francisco in this vintage comedy western. When he meets outlaw cowboy Harrison Ford, a series of rollicking misadventures ensue.


Appropriate for 6th grade and up.




No Name Restaurant

Germany, 2022

Mid-Atlantic Premiere


Three religions. Two men. And a camel. Ben, an ultra-Orthodox Jew from Brooklyn, is stranded in the Sinai desert on his way to Alexandria to be the desperately needed 10th man to celebrate Passover. He must rely on a grumpy Bedouin searching for his camel in this culture clash buddy comedy.


Q&A: Luzer Twersky, Lead Actor


Generation 1.5

Israel, 2022

New Jersey Premiere


This powerful documentary explores Soviet immigration to Israel in the 1990s through the eyes of those who came as children. Three decades later, they reflect on their experiences and the sacrifices their families made to live freely as Jews.



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