Friday, September 8, 2023

Learn about our DANCE and ACTING classes at Axelrod Academy




Leaping into the 2023-24 School Year!




Learn more about some of our classes at APAA including Contemporary, Musical Theater, and Hip-Hop!






Musical Theater w/ Justin Odon

Tuesdays starting September 19


Ages 8-12

In this class, students will learn how they can expand not only their theatrical talents, but also their knowledge of theatre. This class is built for beginner and intermediate young actors and actresses.

This class will cover the following:

·     Audition Prep

·     Vocal Technique

·     Musical Theatre History & Appreciation

·     Triple Threat Building Techniques

·     Performance Prep

·     Character Building

·     Theater Stagecraft

·     Ensemble Performance

·     Scene Study


Students will participate in multiple showcases and a full-blown musical production, Moana Jr.!


Contemporary with Jessica Totaro

Fridays (every other week starting September 15)


Ages 13+

Jessica’s Contemporary Class encourages dancers to approach the movement with risk, athleticism, abandonment, breath, weight and focus. While pushing physical boundaries of the body, playing with lines and techniques, the student is invited to explore new ways to move, with organic and emotional intentions. 

The class is divided in three segments: 

1) Warm-up to center the body and articulate muscles and skeleton.

2) Improvisation to develop the artistry and imagination of the dancers but also to discover the infinite possibilities of their bodies.

3) Learning choreography to develop specificity of movement execution, coordination and memory.



Jazz/Hip-Hop with Kelly Gemellaro

Tuesdays starting September 19


Ages 8-12


In this Junior Division class, students will learn the fundamentals of Jazz and Hip-Hop, exploring technique and artistry. This class includes fast footwork, sharp movement, isolated body movements, and rhythm.





Full 2023-24 School Year Schedule below, beginning September 13 at Bell Works!




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