Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Join Us @ Montclair Story Salon Sept 27!



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Join Us for A Very Special Evening!

We are so thrilled that Montclair Story Salon is dedicating this very special evening to benefit Luna Stage…


WHO: Veteran Montclair Story Salon performers, Stacia Thiel, Carol Crittenden Rachel Martens and Merrie Koehlert! Plus special guests Jessica Wolf, Ami Brabson and Keri Setaro! In an evening hosted by Montclair Story Salon founder Liz Samuel!


WHAT: Stories and songs (and art!) about deep connections through a journey, an encounter, an escape, a special trip…


WHEN: Wed, Sept 27th at 7pm


WHERE: Fletcher Hall at Unitarian Universalist Congregation on Church St


WHY: To raise funds for Luna Stage!


Make sure to get your tix in advance! THESE EVENTS DO SELL OUT!


Check Out Luna’s 2023-2024 Season



WESTPHALIA by Helen Banner (Oct 19 - Nov 12)

World Premiere

In a wild new robotic economy, AI determines people’s right to buy or sell their own citizenship. A family descended from the Pilgrims has fallen on hard times. Will they be allowed to cash out and go somewhere new? An imaginative, surprising perspective on national borders and our own humanity.

RIFT, or white lies by Gabriel Jason Dean (Feb 8-Mar 3)

Commissioned World Premiere

Playwright Gabriel Jason Dean’s brother is a convicted murderer who has become a high-level member of the alt-right. The two shared a childhood, but what is their responsibility to each other in the future? How did their paths diverge? Is it possible to love someone whose beliefs you hate?

QUEEN OF THE NIGHT by travis tate (Apr 25-May 19)

Regional Premiere

Ty would prefer to go “glamping” but his father has taken him to the middle of the woods. The night before Ty’s mom remarries, the two men fight bears, their past, and one another in this inventive exploration of masculinity and queerness through the lens of multi-generational Blackness.




TRICH by Becca Schneider (Dec 1-Dec 10)

Regional Premiere

Meet Becca: a teenage girl with a secret in plain sight that no one wants to talk about. Years later, she’s still grappling with the consequences. Trich tells an intimate, surprisingly funny story about mental health, isolation, and forging a path toward recovery

A TROJAN WOMAN adapted by Sara Farrington from Euripides (Mar 8-17)

National Premiere

In a flash of modern warfare (Ukraine? Afghanistan? Vietnam? Poland? Hiroshima?), a mother loses her child. She becomes a Trojan woman, compelled to embody every iconic character in Euripides’ classic play. In association with The Tank NYC

*Schedule is subject to change.