Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Chatham Community Players’ One Weekend Only Series to Hold Auditions for Neil LaBute’s “Fat Pig”


One Weekend Only series

by Neil LaBute
directed by Doug McLaughlin

WHEN: Monday, October 23, and Tuesday, October 24, at 7:00 pm. Actors are asked to check in by 7:30, unless previously arranged with the production team. 
he Chatham Playhouse 23 North Passaic Ave. Chatham, NJ

Chatham Community Players’ black box series, One Weekend Only, kicks off its 2nd Season holding auditions for Neil LaBute's Fat Pig, directed by Doug McLaughlin. One Weekend Only was born of the desire to find a dedicated place at the theater for a different kind of production. These shows have smaller casts, smaller sets, and are staged up close our audiences. The subject matter may be challenging. The humor may be on the dark side. The drama may be intense.

Performances are January 12-14, 2024, with rehearsals to begin in November. 

Actors will be asked to read from sides provided at the audition or downloaded at www.chathamplayers.orgActors are asked to check in by 7:30, unless previously arranged with the production team. 

Looking for Ms. Right, Tom meets Helen and is bowled over by her wit, her intellect and her interest. There’s one catch: Helen is overweight. Overcoming his own bias for her love, Tom doesn’t account for the reaction of friends and co-workers, forcing a man to choose between the woman he loves and how others perceive her. A love story that examines the extent with which we allow vanity, peer pressure, and perception to determine our self-worth.

Character Descriptions:

  • Tom - The plot's protagonist, Early to mid-30’s. Stereotypical man for his age group until he meets Helen, who he falls in love with. Good-looking, pleasant, easily influenced by others. Appears in one scene in swimwear. 
  • Carter - Tom's closest friend at the office. Early to mid-30’s.  Carter represents the selfish and shallow qualities that Tom is trying to overcome. Carter is the play's consummate antagonist.
  • Jeannie - Another co-worker at Tom's unnamed office firm. Early to mid-30’s.  She and Tom used to date, but Tom was never fully committed. Jeannie's self-confidence is damaged because Tom dumps her for a "fat girl." Appears in one scene in a bathing suit
  • The role of Helen has been cast.

Any questions, please call Sarah Pharaon at 248-709-2419 or email  For directions or additional information, please visit