Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Sean 9 Lugo's THE CORNER opens this Saturday!


Greetings Friends,

 Please join us this Saturday night, August 26th, from 7-11pm for the Opening Reception of THE CORNER*, featuring a new body of work and installation by Sean 9 Lugo

This will be Sean's second solo exhibition at Deep Space in addition to exhibiting in seven group shows with us since 2018. He guest-curated an impressive exhibition with us last summer that included fifteen local and international street artists and was received with great enthusiasm. We are excited about Sean's return to Deep Space, where he always brings his A-game and this time with 31 super desirable pieces on street signs and skateboards along with a life-size immersive installation. While he'll be coming from out of state for this show, Jersey will always be home for him ~ more about this below in his description of what inspires this new collection.

*Check back at this link later this week to view the full catalog of works!

We will be serenaded throughout the evening with live vinyl DJ sets, and we'll have delicious eats on hand courtesy of Feliz Deliz and friends. All ages and four legged friends are most welcome. Come be with us!!

**Please reply to this post and let us know if you have any accessibility related questions and if you or your group need any special accommodations to facilitate your visit or if you'd like a virtual tour of the show!


*Flyer artwork: "No One Cares" by Sean 9 Lugo



This new collection of pieces is inspired by daily life on urban streets. In his signature and ever-more-refined style, Sean captures scenes and characters from his own experience, using street signs and skateboards as his canvas. Some words from the artist followed by ones reflecting his experience by David Simon and Ed Burns:

"Five Corners was home from my childhood into my 30's, and still feels like it. I can walk into the laundromat and get all caught up on the latest chisme of the block and telenovelas. I can grab an overpriced beer at the liquor store and be short changed, because that’s what the homie does, everyone knows it. Hudson County is the place where I would steal street signs, paint on them and put them back up on the poles. It is the place where I spent many nights hanging out on a corner. So, it is only fitting that I showcase a series of street signs in Hudson County, where it all started. This series highlights some of my favorite wheatpastes and unique collaborations." — Sean 9 Lugo

“The corner has a place for them, every last soul… all are necessary in the world of the corner. In this place only, they belong. In this place only, they know what they are, why they are, and what it is that they are supposed to do. Here, they almost matter. The corner world is what’s left to serve up truth and power, money and meaning. It gives life and takes life. It measures all men as it mocks them. It feeds and devours the multitudes in the same instant. Amid nothing, the corner is everything.” —The Corner, David Simon and Ed Burns

We hope to see you on Saturday! If you can't make it over, check out our shows remotely at this link and/or message us for a virtual tour. Send along any questions and let us know if you'd like us to email you a show catalog. Find us at or on our instagram: @deepspacejc.


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