Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Enjoy these Summer-time Activities!


Morris County Park Commission

July 5, 2023

This Week:

garden budsGARDEN BUDS

July 7 – August 11

Instill a love of gardening in preschoolers, and maybe even dust off your own green thumb in this 6-week, summer hands-on gardening series. Little gardeners and their adult helpers plant and harvest vegetables straight from their own gardens as well as discover other garden friends both big and tiny, make garden themed crafts, and do some simple veggie cooking. Learn more here.

Cost: $100 per child. Preregistration is required.



July 8

Everyone appreciates attractive sculptures in parks and in art museums, yet few people actually look at a living tree as art! The structure, shape and even the leaves of trees can be viewed as majestic pieces of art that change with the seasons. Bruce Crawford, Manager of Horticulture, will focus on a few of the most majestic trees at Willowwood and highlight how they truly are Living Sculptures! Click here to purchase tickets!

 Cost: $25 per person. Preregistration is required.


sensory friendly saturdaySENSORY FRIENDLY SATURDAY

July 8

Visit Fosterfields during our Sensory Friendly Saturdays. This event is designed to be less overwhelming to those with sensory sensitivities. This hour-long program allows families to come to the farm and enjoy the open, quiet spaces with no crowds. Click here to learn more!

Cost: $5 per person. Preregistration is required.


run of the millRUN OF THE MILL

July 9

Spend the day working alongside Cooper Gristmill's Master Miller and develop the skills to have the run of the mill! Each month our group will take on new challenges and learn a different aspect of the milling process. Find out more!

Cost: $10 per family. Preregistration is required.



July 11 at Great Swamp and July 18 at Pyramid Mountain

How hard is it to build a nest that is sturdy, comfortable and camouflaged? After examining real birds' nests for clues, try your hand at making a home that a bird would approve of. Play a wild game about what it's like to be a parent or baby bird, and finish with a craft that will help birds around your house make their nests. Click here to find out more!

Cost: $12 per child. Preregistration is required.


surprising scents herbsSURPRISING SENSES

July 12

In this month's Garden Sprouts program, Garden Sprouts will use their senses to discover herbs in the garden and make their own herb salt. Learn more here.

Cost: $10 per child with an adult. Preregistration is required.


beautiful bouquetBEAUTIFUL BOUQUETS

July 13

What goes into arranging a bouquet? Some flowers, and a whole lot of thought. Students will discover how to make their own floral bouquet, including how to cut fresh flowers from the garden and arrange them. Check it out!

Cost: $10 per child. Preregistration is required.

Look What’s Coming:


July 15 at Bamboo Brook OEC and July 16 at Frelinghuysen Arboretum

Enjoy a combination of Japanese oriented walking, meditation, mindfulness, and wellness promotion. Wear comfortable shoes for walking. For more info, click here!

Cost: $20 per person. Preregistration is suggested.


branching out


July 17 – July 28

Using the different plots in the "Branching Out!" Garden including their own individual plots, campers will explore the beauty and art that can come from the garden and will create all kinds of crafts and art. Check it out!

Cost: $450 per camper. Preregistration is required.