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Final Weekend of Tales From the Guttenberg Bible


Final Weekend Tales from the Guttenberg Bible

Only 4 Performances Remain! Don't miss your chance to see this brand-new production!


Featuring 90 characters, four actors, and one Steve Guttenberg, this fully staged production is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Tales from the Guttenberg Bible is a farcical, laugh-out-loud story written by and starring veteran screen actor Steve Guttenberg (Three Men and a Baby, Police Academy, Cocoon). This hilarious journey from the Guttenberg’s family home on Long Island to the glamour of Hollywood as Guttenberg himself tells-all – i.e., how he broke into the Paramount Lot – to his run-ins with everyone from Paul Reiser to Tom Selleck, and Merv Griffin. It would be an unbelievable tale, if it wasn’t true (mostly).

“A Big Hit!” - QOnstage 

Directed by David Saint

Written by and Starring Steve Guttenberg

Produced in association with Julian Schlossberg

Coproduced with Bay Street Theater



Guttenberg Audience Reactions


Our audiences are raving about Tales from the Guttenberg Bible! Hear why you should get tickets SOON!


Guttenberg First Look Photos

Dan Domingues, Steve Guttenberg, Arnie Burton, Carine Montbertrand, Photos by T. Charles Erickson







Celebrate the 25th anniversary of David Saint as George Street Playhouse’s Artistic Director! We’ll be highlighting his amazing tenure with some incredible events and surprises throughout the year. We asked David if he could share some memories from his past 25 years, and we’ll be sharing them with you in our weekly e-news.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy his 25 Years of Memories.


In 2006 I started my relationship with the great Jack Klugman. He agreed to star in a production of The Value of Names, followed by two more productions at GSP: The Sunshine Boys and Twelve Angry Men.

Directing The Sunshine Boys with Jack and the wonderful Paul Dooley was a career highlight for me. They were both old school masters of comedy, like the roles they were playing in the show and every day taught me more invaluable lessons in the art of comedy.

And talk about commitment!

One night about an hour before the show Jack called me and said, “David I may need to see a doctor. I haven’t peed in three days!” I said “Jack! Let me take you to RWJ hospital immediately! He said, “No, I want to do the show. But right after?” So, I called Steve Jones, our late friend who was head of the hospital and asked him for help. When we arrived at the hospital there was a whole line of doctors and nurses waiting to help him. They all were fans of Oscar from The Odd Couple and of course Quincy!

They had to give him a catheter and a bag strapped to his leg. I told him we would cancel the last weekend shows and he insisted “No please let me do them. Only could I ask you a favor? Because of the bag, could I just wear my baggy pajama bottoms from the first scene for the whole play?”

 That kind of commitment — unbelievable.

Even more so when during rehearsals of Twelve Angry Men, a chance for him to play the oldest juror when in the original movie years ago he had played the youngest - (a career circle) his health was failing quickly. When he talked to me and regretfully informed me he just wasn’t going to be able to do it, I told him I would let the cast know the next day. He said “oh no. I have to tell them myself. They are my brothers, my fellow actors. That’s the least I can do.” I watched the next day as he sat in a wheelchair and one by one thanked all those actors personally. Twelve grown men crying. I shall never forget him.


Jack Klugman in Sunshine Boys (Photo by T. Charles Erickson)

Jack Klugman in Sunshine Boys (Photo by T. Charles Erickson)



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Spring Session: Saturday, May 20, 2023 @ 11am-1pm

Learn the ins and outs from one of NYC’s top casting directors, Pat McCorkle! Having cast everything from Hollywood mega-productions to small regional theaters, McCorkle and her staff have developed a vast talent network extending from working stage actors to superstars.  If you are curious about the entertainment industry, ask someone who knows.

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