Wednesday, March 8, 2023

March 9th Opening of Morris Arts' exhibit COLOR IS JOYFUL, Gallery at 14 Maple



James Pustorino’s Tilted World: A Sentence Without End is Pointless

Color is Joyful

WHEN: March 9, from 6-8pm. The exhibit will remain on display until August 14, 2023.
3rd floor of the LEED certified “green” building at 14 Maple Ave., Morristown.

Morris Arts welcomes the public to the opening reception its twenty-sixth exhibit in the Gallery at 14 Maple. Guest Curator Professor Beatrice M.  Mady selected 27 works created by five New Jersey artists for display in this distinctive space.

Spotlighting swirling colors, abstract shapes, movement and layered imagery, this fascinating exhibit delights the viewer with its passion, energy, unfettered playfulness and the sheer buoyancy of the vibrantly colored artworks. (Left: Andrea Epstein, Hidden Figures 2)

Inspired by artist David Hockney, Curator Beatrice Mady offers insights regarding the genesis of the exhibit’s theme and the importance of color in our lives:

In this moment of grayness with political mayhem, global climate change, the tridemic and the like, I felt a need to bring some joy into the world. Art can and does do this, not merely for the artist creator, but for the viewer, often in a deeply profound way.

Color is a powerful communication tool used to influence mood or even increase metabolism. The power of color is inescapable. In this exhibition, I have brought together five artists who use color as their primary tool of expression. They are passionate. Their work exudes a sense of delight in an unabashed and free way. Their work amuses us, and we cannot help but smile and feel lighter when we look at the work.” (Right: PE Pinkman, Sapere Aude)

She addsColor is not just something we see, but also something that we feel. It is a wavelength of light. Color has a physical effect on our bodies and psyche. Wassily Kandinsky said, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” These artists open the door to our mind’s eye and allow us to take a journey into a blissful state of being.

Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, Morris Arts is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1973, dedicated to building community through the arts. Using the arts to inspire, connect and engage, Morris Arts serves as a resource for Morris County with a special focus on arts programming in the community and in the schools, arts advocacy, and support of the Morris Area community of artists and arts organizations. (Left: Vincent Salvati, Play #10)

Free visitation to the gallery exhibit is by appointment only. Please schedule an appointment at or call (973) 285-5115, x12 for additional information. The exhibit catalogue, posted online, contains details and sale prices for the works. The Gallery at 14 Maple is a barrier-free facility. Individuals needing special accommodation should contact Jenna Castano at (973) 285-5115, x 12 or

Celebrating 50 years of building community through the arts.