Saturday, February 4, 2023

THIS WEEKEND!! Come get toasty with Deep Space Gallery


 Hello Friends!!

We've got a very special weekend planned. In celebration of the closing of mini show season, we are gathering together a bunch of creatives, artisans, vintage sellers and other local small businesses for a two-day, two-floor, multiple vendor pop up market. We've turned up the heat and called in our small biz friends to help us provide a phenomenal community building weekend.

This is the last opportunity to view and shop the walls of our annual MORE MINIS show featuring over 300 small and affordable works by more than 60 artists. It's a fantastic opportunity to start (or add to) your personal art collection or do so for someone you love. Tons of styles, mediums and color palettes with sizes ranging from 2x2" to 12x12" make it super easy to find something you love or a perfect gift for someone special on your list. Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

If you can't make to the gallery this weekend, visit these links to view all of the available works remotely: MORE MINIS + GIGANTIC MINIATURE SHOW.

Please join us SATURDAY (TODAY) from 3-11pm or SUNDAY (TOMORROW) from 3-9pm for our two-day closing reception and local vendor market.


*Flyer artwork detail by Kati Vilim




ACRO * ACRU/Amelia Dennigan * David Akey * Tom Banks * BARC the dog * Laurie Berenhaus * Anthony Boone * Gail M. Boykewich * Kirkland Bray * Max Vesuvius Budnick * Otis Carb * S. Cartoccio/Concrete Jungle Studio * Gigi Chen * Leandro Comrie * Molly Craig * Christopher Dane * Sandra Desandro * Franki DeSaro * Jay Diggz * Distort * Jonte Drew * TF Dutchman * Ben Fine * Keith Garcia * Jay Golding * Damian Gonzales * George Goodridge * Phyllis Gorsen * Cheryl Gross * Cortney Herron * Sarah Hughes/Fruitpocalypse * Rebecca N. Johnson * Alexis Kandra * Rob Kaniuk * City Kitty * Milosz Koziej * Lace In The Moon * Erica Rose Levine * Elliot Lobell * Sean 9 Lugo * Macauley Norman * Pajtim Osmanaj * Paperface * Ekaterina Popova * Luke Ivy Price * Sam Pullin * Francesca Reyes * Chris RWK * Calli Ryan * SarahGrace * Kilroy Savage * Danielle Scott * Rob Servo * Amelia M. Shields * Carly Silverman * John G. Slaby * Bryant Small * Shamona Stokes * Fabricio Suarez * Alex Swisher * John Tokar * Ernst Unding * Mad Vaillan * Kati Vilim * Kelly D. Villalba * Joe Waks







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Wonder Bunker Studios * Ruthie LTD * Kilroy Was HIgh * Villainous New York * Walker's Apothecary * Art Freshener * Jay Diggz *

Joe Lotto * Laurie Berenhaus * Elliot Lobell * The Hive Goods * TF Dutchman * Blvck Truffle


We hope to see you TODAY and/or TOMORROW -- come shop! Live vinyl DJ sets by Blvck Truffle and TF Dutchman + Friends will keep us extra cozy! If you can't make it over, check out our shows remotely at this link and message us for a virtual tour or with any questions and if you'd like us to email you a show catalog. Find us at our email: or on our instagram: @deepspacejc.



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