Saturday, February 11, 2023

Ask the oracle THIS WEEKEND! It's the opening of "The Art of Divination"


Greetings, Deep Space family!

We are so happy to invite you to our highly anticipated, five-artist exhibition featuring artworks that follow in the tradition of pictographic divination and meaning-making. "THE ART OF DIVINATION" includes oracular and oracle-inspired works by Delilah Ray Miske, Deming King Harriman, Cheryl R. Riley, Lewis Neeff and Erik Pyontek. Some of the artists have created mystic card decks entirely their own and others have designed Tarot decks informed by deep study of Tarotic tradition. Paintings, works on paper, prints and card decks inspired by this enigmatic theme will be on view.

Please join us for the opening weekend of what is a wild show, this Saturday, February 11th, from 7-11pm and Sunday, February 12th, from 3-7pm

The exhibiting artists will be present at various times throughout the weekend so let us know if there is a particular artist that you're hoping to meet and we'll make arrangements to help make that happen.

We look forward to sharing this show with you!


*Flyer artwork detail by Deming King Harriman



* Delilah Ray Miske * Deming King Harriman * Cheryl R. Riley * Lewis Neeff * Erik Pyontek *


We hope to see you THIS WEEKEND! We'll have live vinyl DJ sets by Groucho Funk and TF Dutchman + Friends to serenade you all weekend long! If you can't make it over, check out our shows remotely at this link and message us for a virtual tour. Send along any questions and let us know if you'd like us to email you a show catalog. Find us at our email: or on our instagram: @deepspacejc.


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