Friday, January 13, 2023


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Tickets are officially on sale!!

The Guys
by Anne Nelson

WHEN: Feb 5, 2023, 5 PM
The Parsippany Arts Center, 1130 Knoll Road, Boonton NJ 07034
To reserve tickets, scan the QR code. 
or email to reserve and pay cash at the door.

A one-night only rehearsed-reading performance to bring this wonderful play’s Lake Hiawatha debut to the stage as a benefit for the Boonton Fire Dept.
Created in the, literally, settling dust of the September 11 Trade Center attacks in NYC. 

The Lake Hiawatha premiere, of The Guys by Anne Nelson, follows the story of Nick, a New York Fire Captain, who is randomly introduced to Joan, a journalist, to help him find the strength and words to write eulogies for the 8 men that he lost on the morning of September 11, 2001, over a life changing afternoon in Brooklyn, 12 days after the event.

Based on Nelson’s real-life experience, this powerfully raw story, forged in a time of loss and hopelessness, during the aftermath of one of the most extreme turning points in modern history, is bought to life, simply and honestly with the poignancy and beauty with which the play is written.

‘The call came in…The Guys went out” … The rest is history.