Friday, November 11, 2022


 Greetings, Deep Space friends & family!!

We are very happy to invite you to join us at the historic Jersey City Armory for the fourth edition of Art Fair 14C where we will be exhibiting paintings, prints, sculptures and lightworks, Thursday, November 10th, through Sunday, November 13th. Our booth will feature works by Shamona Stokes, TF Dutchman, Rebecca N. Johnson and Deming King Harriman. For tickets to the event, go to this link, and to read more about the fair, check out this article on Thrillist. There is so much amazing art to see at this year's fair -- leave plenty of time to take it all in and find us at Booth B11 during your visit!


Thurs., Nov. 10th, 6-9pm: VIP Opening Reception

Fri., Nov. 11th, 1-7pm: Day One

Sat., Nov. 12th, 12-5pm: Day Two, 6-9pm: Special Date Night Event

Sun., Nov. 13th, 12-6pm: Day Three


**Note: VIP tickets allow 1 hr early admission on Days 1-3


*Flyer artwork: "Chimera Flora Study I" by Deming King Harriman


After the fair on Friday night, please join us just a short walk or ride away at the gallery for the premiere of SPRAYIN' SERIES Episode Two featuring ChrisRWK. We will run the screening twice -- once at 8:30pm and again at 10pm. There will be a Q&A with the artist and the director after each screening. ChrisRWK's solo exhibition, "BUILDS CHARACTER," will also be open to visitors in the gallery from 7:30-11pm. RSVP to the screening event here.


*Photo credit: Chris RWK by Edwin Taveras



Chris RWK (Robots Will Kill) has been on the scene since the late 80s/early 90s, (before street art was "street art," but that's a whole different conversation). By age 11, Chris was already introduced to graff, intrigued by what his older brother and his buddies were getting into. He had already been into art at that time, drawing his own versions of his favorite comic books and cartoons. References to the music, music videos, album covers, television shows and other facets of 1970s, 80s and 90s popular culture appear throughout ChrisRWK's artwork both on the streets and in his "indoor" paintings. His visual language is layered and draws from the multi-genre fascinations of his childhood and adolescence. ChrisRWK invites the viewer to familiarize themselves with his characters and the iconographic imagery he uses and to create their own relationship with them. He hopes his audience feels at home with his pieces and evoke their own memories and stories. His recognizable robot character has been around for more than two decades. He launched in 2001 as an online hub to feature artists who were often ignored by the mainstream art world. The site evolved into an international landing space for "outsider" and "street" artists to share their work and learn about artists from around the globe. Many relationships and collaborations grew from this meeting space and the site remains a quintessential touchstone for graffiti and street art documentation to this day.



We hope to see you at the Jersey City Armory for the fair and at the gallery for the screening! Message us at our email: with any questions or for a catalog of fair or exhibition artworks.


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