Monday, October 10, 2022



United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

While facing overwhelming odds and risking their lives, individuals from all walks of life fought Nazi terror and helped rescue those in danger. This included thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish partisans, who were armed resistance fighters deployed across occupied Europe. Below we share stories of Jewish partisans who sabotaged Germans and their Axis partners.





Images: Resistance fighter Faye Schulman holds her nephew, Schelemale, circa 1936–39. USHMM, courtesy of Faye Schulman (Faigel Lazebnik); Former Bielski partisans in the Foehrenwald displaced persons camp. Germany, 1948. USHMM, courtesy of Jack Kagan; A medal awarded to Jamila Kolonomos in 1950. USHMM, gift of Jamila Kolonomos; A sketch by Alexander Bogen of partisans in the Naroch forest. USHMM, The Abraham and Ruth Goldfarb Family Acquisition Fund; Harry Burger in 1944. Courtesy of the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation; Holocaust survivor and Museum volunteer Gideon Frieder. USHMM